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Heyaaa. What's up guys? :D It's wednesday and guess what, I'm ready for the weekend already! I'm sooo tired. I had math exam on Monday and I guess it went well and after that I've been studying to chemistry exam that I have tomorrow. (I'm very bad in chemistry :/). And I even couldn't sleep long last night, because of course I had to watch that stupid Barcelona - Chelsea game where my Barca LOST ... You should have seen me then ... I got crazy after that game.

And today at school everyone is talking about barca's lost... And everytime I heard name TORRES I could feel the adrenalin in my body. Haha. I gotta stop watching football it makes me crazy ..

I've been at school today from 8am. Now I'm having an hour break and then I continue at school till 4pm :( And nooo my day isn't over then. I gotta go to driving school theory lesson! FUUN. I made myself some coffee (which didn't end up tasting good) so that I wouldn't fall asleep immediately. But I can already see how my studying will go today : I come home after theory lesson, I'm being anxious and can't concentrate to studying. Then I get tired and decide that I'm doomed and go to sleep... FUN.

And now I'm gonna say sorry for my weird way to write haha. I'm so anxious and tired that I can't thing straight and there are lots and lots of things in my mind now :D I can't even stay still but I'm just jumping from place to place. It's so damn hard to just SIT..

And welll..... Since I usually tell mostly abt what I wear and blabla I guess I should do the same here ... So you may see that shirt I just bought couple days ago. I couldn't not to wear it as fast as possible so I put it on yesterday and took some pictures and blabla. This shirt is from H&M and I just fell in love with its color. Under that I have bandeau from GT (since you can see through from back).

Now I go get ready for my history lesson haha.




Sunny Sunday

 Wonderful day! It has been soo beautiful outside today! It was almost 15 Degrees outside and sun was shining the whole day! Unfortunately I couldn't spend the whole day outside because I have a math exam tomorrow :/ So I was studying, or trying to, whole day...

 Though even I couldn't stay at home whole day ... I went out for a walk with my friend Nypö. We decided to eat our frist ice creams this Spring. It was yummy! :D (And so that you won't think I'm the biggest fatass in the world: I didn't eat this doughnut today, I ate it yesterday)

 I didn't quite know what to wear to that warm weather so I picked just something ... That bandeau and shirt are from Gina Tricot and shorts I bought last Summer from H&M :) Oh and I couldn't resist some jewellery.... :D These are all new. New necklace I bought couple days ago from KappAhl and this bracelet my Yassu bought me when she was here. And this best key-ring I got from Nypö as part of my bday present. I absolutely love it!

 Hope your weekend passed well ;) Now it's time to go to sleep (not) and to get ready for next week! Soon (next Friday) I'm going to Joensuu to visit my Yassu and other friends hih.





You know the feeling when you are feeling somewhat depressed, you realise you have money on your bankaccount, free time for shopping, and pretty pretty things in front of you that you just HAVE TO buy? I'm very familiar with this feeling... And I gotta say that depression-shopping works better than anything! :D (If we won't count eating chocolate).

That feeling when you buy somehting is just amazing :D And then you go home and try on your new clothes AGAIN (because you may have missed the beauty of them when you tried them on in the store). Then you take some pictures of them and when you finally look at the photos, you get happy AGAIN becuase they look so pretty on the picture (plus you can share your pathetic feelings in your blog like i do now haha).

So here are the things that made me happy today! Or well, I didn't buy exactly everything that you can see here today. I bought only one of these bandeaus today but since I haven't showed you any of these, I thought I can put them to the same picture :) Bandeaus are from Gina Tricot and they are only 5,95€ each... That's why I love buying them haha. They look perfect with some shirt on and on summer you can wear them just like that with some pretty skirt or shorts! Can't wait!

I also bought some jewellery from KappAhl. Everyone has feathers nowadays... so I gotta have also! I realised that I love mint color... Not only the jewellery is mint color but also my new shirt from H&M .. I fell in love with this shirt from the frist sight! (I don't believe in love for the first sight when it comes to men, but when it comes to clothes, or especially shoes, I believe in it 100%).

I still have a lot of photos that I haven't posted. I love my new camera and I love taking photos with it :D I can't wait that it gets pretty outside. That's when this girl will spend some quality time outside with herself, her baby-camera and all those pretty things that she can capture with her baby =) !

And now... time to eat.




Yes. It's my birthday and I'm f*cking old! :D I turned 18 at 1.30am . And I already see wrinkles, grey hair and I think I got osteoporosis .......... Okay okay I'm kidding. I'm just having an age crisis.

Today has been a great day :D I've got million hugs and kisses! I hope people would be this nice everyday haha. I've already posten my birthday party pictures in my last two posts though I still have some pictures left. These pictures are taken in Saturday when I celebrated my birthday with my family. (We couldn't do it today because my sisters aren't in the same city)

And I got my bebi from my parents! Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3! I named her LUNA (since everything has to have a name) which comes from Lumix :D

And I got so pretty birthdaycard from my sisters. This pretty cat doesn't have a name yet but I have a feeling that I need to name it soon haha. Or maybe it's just my pink panther

 Food was delicious. We went to thin restaurant Rosso where I ate some chicken thing with potatoes and reallyreally delicious sauce! I could eat it again. And when we came home we had chocolate strawberries and cake :) Yummy! 

So that was my 18th birthday. And since I've been taking some test photos with my own new camera I will post them later so that you can see how stupid things I've captured.. :D 




So ... The same story as in my last post. Here are some pictures that my friend Miia sent me. The first part you can read here. Enjoy.

 Me and Miia

 Olga and Einari

 Me...:D And sorry about my funny faces hah





Time to write my blog again! :) Lots of things have happened but I don't have many pictures yet unfortunately.

My best friend Yassu was here during the Easter holidays so I again planned a little party at my home like every Easter. That is because my birthday is very near Easter (16th of April) and I need my Yassu to be here when I have birthday party so I keep them alays during Easter.

So I invited some 15-20 people here. Also my other friend, Olga, from Yassu's city came:) I haven't seen her in a while so it was really really nice to see her.

 Me and Yassu made some delicious cookies and later some punches using Sour Apple and bosnian rakija (rakija is an alcohol drink, you can read more from wikipedia if you want haha). Punches were delicious and they ended pretty fast ... But no problems, people brought own drinks and me and Yassu had our owns in the fridge waiting for us :)

It was kinda fun. People were dancing and singing and drinking and chatting and taking pictures. Unfortunately the battery ended from my sister's camera so I don't have many photos. I'm waiting for my friends to send some photos that they took so that I can show them for you :)