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I've been doing travelling posts lately. I'm sure some of you already grew bored of them but I needed to do the whole seven day trip the way I had planned to post it haha. I will still say that I have never had so much fun on a week holiday as I did while being in Sarajevo. But well if you are still interested of reading about them view my earlier post haha. Now I go back in normal!

 Here I have on my new cardigan from New Yorker and new shoes that I bought couple days ago. I absolutely love them though the weather is a bit too warm already for them... But they will be waiting for the next winter :) I'm also wearing my new Gina Tricot Sylvia-jeans and the old Gina Tricot shirt with ASOS necklace ;)

So since I came back to Finland my life has been pretty normal ... I've been going to school, working and meeting friends. My sister Hermina had her 21st birthday though she wasn't here in this city then so I didn't see her on her birthday :( But I smsed her first thing in the morning and talked to her on phone later that day. Now I have a 21-year-old sister... That feels weird :D

Yesterday was a great day. At work I sold 5 magazines in 3 hours so I earned 40 hours in 3 hours. That was kinda cool! And I could have stayed longer BUT I needed to run to the center to buy myself a ticket to WEEKEND FESTIVAL! I bought a two day ticket for 17-18 of August ;) Almost all of the tickets were already sold when I came there but I got mine! Yeeey! You can't even imagine how i was screaming and jumping after I had bought it! I called my best friend Yasemin immediately and didn't even let her speak because I was so excited! So in August I will see for example DAVID GUETTA, SKRILLEX and HURTS! :D Can't waaaaaait!

And now i will go work and earn money that I can use for new pretty clothes muahah! My minimum goal is to sell 1 per hour which means 5 ! And now I gotta do it because I wrote it here...



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  1. You look stunning. fabulous post. thanks for sharing, love. xo