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This is my last travelling post. I left Sarajevo at 22:10 on Saturday. Me and dad got into the train that took us to Zagreb, Croatia. I was very positively surprised by the trains: It was perfectly clean and there were CABINS with sofas in it. I thought those trains are long gone or can be seen only in Harry Potter. But I gotta say that it was SO cool :D Since I was a child I wanted to travel in that kind of train haha. Now I finally have!

Trip to Zagreb was very comfortable. I was smsing with my friend whole night to use the money that was left on my sim card and sleeping very deeply. Once I got really scared when I woke up and saw a man in front of me. When I finally understood to take my headphones off I heard him ask for my passport. That's when I realised that it wasnt a rapist but a policeman on the border till Croatia. :D

We arrived to Zagreb around 8 o'clock. We tried to find some place to eat but nothing was open yet. But we did find this small cafe where all the policemen were sitting and drinking their morning coffee. That's where we sat and drank our cappuchinos. Soon the city started to fill up with people. That's when we got out and took a walk around the center of Zagreb. That place is really pretty I gotta say. It was so clean everywhere and warm and the buildings were so pretty. You could see the whole history on them.

We went to eat and drink again and then went to sit outside on this bench near the railway station. It was so warm that I didn't have my jacket on. I was just enjoying the sun and thinking about all that D-vitamin that was being formed on my skin haha. It was sooo damn nice.

We spent 7 hours in Zagreb but then we had to leave again. We took a bus to an airport and got on our first flight till Brussels. In Brussels we had small problems with our tickets but we got on the plain in time that took us to Helsinki, Finland. That's when I got really worried of my health. I realised that everyone was finnish but I thought they were talking bosnian. I heard long conversations in Bosnian even if, according to dad, they were all talking finnish. That was really scary :D

In Helsinki we had to sit for couple hours at the airport and wait for the bus that would take us to Mikkeli. I was just chatting with people in internet and being sad about my arrival to Finland. I would have stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for couple more weeks at least. I had so much fun there :)

But here I am in Finland again and working like I normally do to gather more money to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina again (and probably Croatiaaaa!). I can't wait :)

And from now on youwill get normal posts :D I have already couple planned haha. Hope you are all doing well ;)




  1. a draga, bila si u našim krajevima znači, baš mi je drago, nadam se da ćeš opet brzo doći :) ove palačinke na slici izgledaju jako ukusno i sad mi se jedu :D

    1. bila sam i MORAM doci opet :D Zagreb je prelijep grad i 7 sati nije dovoljno za mene. :P Nadam se da cu brzo opet doci a sledeci put cu biti 7 dana in stead of 7 hours ;)

  2. Zagreb obožavam. Zamo ću da živim aBd uskoro :D