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Friday. It was again one of the best days of my holiday. Morning was kinda lonely since I had to wait dad for a really long time because we had to go buy some things together. But it didn't matter in the end. When he finally came he said he doesn't need my help after all.. so we just went out to eat something. We were both really hungry and felt the need of some bureks. So we went to eat burek of course :) And guess what, it was yummy!

After that I walked ALONE to New Yorker. It was kinda cool because I have never walked alone in Sarajevo and then I had to find a New Yorker all by myself. And it was FAR :/ But at least I got to know with the city and I also found New Yorker! :D And it was like +15 degrees and it felt so goood to walk outside! :D

 (Picture taken from the balcony of our apartment in Sarajevo)

In New Yorker I found some nice things to buy :) I didn't so much as I hoped but in the end I was in a hurry so I didn't check it out as well as I should have. I bought this nice blue shirt (which is like the best shirt I own) which I can use as a dress also :P And I also bought this cute cardigan and cute shoes :) And all this was so cheap that I got it all with under 60€ :D

After New Yorker I felt really good! I came "home" and ate and enjoyed my freetime. Soon my friend Ajlen (who I told you about in my last post) called me and we decided to meet. We went out first to drink something non-alcohol and to just talk a bit and later we went to a "club" and to another where drinks changed to a bit stronger though not to too strong :D (we drank just two ciders :))

So that was my day and I gotta say it was REALLY cool. Thanks goes to New Yorker and Ajlen and good food and good drinks haha.




  1. Uhuuu have fun the rest of your time here :D

    1. Ja ustvari nisam vise u Sarajevu evo me u Finskoj opet :D Ali nisam stigla tamo pisati blog svaki dan pa pisem sad u Finskoj o Sarajevu haha :D