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Day 4 was Thursday. And Thursday is when the good part of holiday started :D

In the morning I went with my dad plus this family that we stayed with to Bjelasnica, which is this big mountine near Sarajevo. There was some winter olympics in 1984 and so on ... However I went there to just see the place and enjoy the sun and hot chocolate. It was really nice and warm :)

When we went to sit in front of this one nice cafe over there I even found a cat that later jumped to my laps :D It was sooo cute and I cudn't keep my hands off it haha. I love cute dirty cats :)

That wasn't the main part of my day though ... That was actually just the beginning and being on Bjelasnica got a bit boring in the end but I don't mind. The main part was when one of my friend called me and said that we sould meet. And so we did :)

This person is someone I've known for a while already but I've never talked to him much or even known what is he like. So it was kinda interesting to go out and get to know a person who I should have known already.. :D (Why it feels that my english sucks right now? :D Sorry if I do some major mistakes but somehow it feels so weird to write in english...)

So yes we went out for a coffee. I thought that we won't have anything to talk (and so did he) but for some reason talking was really easy :D First it was hard for me to talk in bosnian (I haven't talked bosnian much at all during the whole year and it was hard for me at the beginning to make sentences without some major mistakes) but in the end it got easier and easier! And I was really happy about that :)

After coffee he showed me the city a bit and told me what happens in which corners of Sarajevo :D It was pretty interestin. Later we went "shopping" and went to eat some McFlarry to McDonald's. Then we went to cinema to watch Ghost rider 2 in 3D :) That movie was really cool even though I didn't first believe that I would like it .... :D

But but after that I went home and slept really sweetly since my day had been really long (and nice) so I was tired like a little baby :)




  1. Ahh poželjela sam Mc Flurry morat ću do Sarajeva uskoro :)
    Bjelašnica je jako lijepa!