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Hey how are you? :) Is everything fine? I've had really nice time here in Sarajevo but I must admit that I've been lazy to take pictures. Mostly because I've been running around all the time so there hasn't been time to just calmly walk and talk pictures.. But that's why you should read what I write :D

 So my third day, Wednesday, passed by weeird. I woke up around 10am and left with dad to find Jysk. But guess what, we didn't find it. After walking 30 minutes around some weird area and trying not to get hit by a car, we gave up and went back to the city.

We went to this turkish restaurant to eat some Kebab. And I must say that it was wonderful! I'm so fed up with meat allready and especially with some FAT meat, but still that kebab tasted so good! Yummy!

And something happened outside that turkish restaurant. I don't know how to call that thing, but you know that thing on the ground where water goes when it's raining? So for some reason water didn't go inside but it was coming OUT :D Everyone was taking pictures, I did also. And it was just so funny.

After that I went to do some shopping while dad left with his friend. I went to Mango first but didn't find anything to buy for some reason. Maybe I was too picky? But after that I went to Tally Weijl and bought pretty nice things without losing a lot of money :) After Tally I went to this cheap store AzelFrance which sells some Zara clothes and so on. But again didn't find anything and I was already in a hurry so I left "home".

Soon I went out with this guy who I "live with". We are staying at his family's apartment five minutes from the center (walking). His friends came, one girl and one boy, and we went to this cute place to smoke nargila. It was pretty nice :) We also ordered some tea. I took peppermint tea which tasted really good!

After that I went to watch their dance practice to this weird bar place. I've never seen someone having dance practise in bar. It was really weird. But I gotta say they danced damn good! And it wasn't boring at all! :D

So that was my third day. Hopefully you enjoy my stories lol.




  1. Oi Sarajevo vaikuttaa tosi kivalta paikalta, mäkin haluun! :) Onko siellä muuten lämmintä vai onko tossa yhdessä kuvassa jopa lunta näkyvissä? :P

  2. muru, oisit niin tarvinnu mut tonne räpsii kuvii sun puolesta :DD

    1. Suoraa sanottuna kuvien ottamine on ollu vähä vaikeet ku oon juossu paikast toisee eikä siin juostessa oikee tuu kuvia . Mut eipä voi mtn. Kesäl sit uuestaa. :P

  3. predivne slike :)

  4. That thing where water should go inside not outside is šahta :) nisam nikad vidjela da tako poplavi pa da voda izlazi napolje :)
    Super se provodis!