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My first day in Sarajevo, but my second travelling day, passed by really fast and boring :D I woke up pretty early and went with dad to see our apartmant. It was pretty nice even though it wasn't the way we planned. But it's okay I guess.

Later I went again with dad to Bascarsija, the old town, to eat some cakes. They were YUMMY but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture :(

 But because I was bored of sitting all the time I got up of my chair and went to this cute bazaar. There I bought some postcards and bracelets :) Cheap but beautiful haha. I decided to give the turqouse one to my best friend Yassu :)

Later on we went to eat (real food this time). There was me and my dad plus these people who let us stay at their place. It was some meat food (that I again didn't capture with my camera) like every food here in Bosnia and Hercegovina :D Or at least most of the food is made of meat lol. And it's so weird to eat meat this much. I never eat meat in Finland!

Later I should have gone out with some people to watch Bosnia-Brazil football match but I was so tired that I stayed at home. We watched the game here (it ended 2-1 for Brazil) and at the same time ate our evening meal. After that I went to sleep :) 

So that was my 2nd day. And tomorrow will come a better post of the 3rd day. Promise!



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  1. Love those bracelets!