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Heyaa! It's Monday and a whole week has passed from my last post. But I hope you people forgive me. I've been busy (not) and I haven't done anything worth capturing with my camera (not true).

This last week I spent at school, Jyväskylä (a city in south/central Finland), in cinema and shopping. At school we have exam week coming next week. So I've been studying a lot (not) and we also went to Jyväskylä with this school thing to get to know universities in Jyväskylä. And what else? Yesterday I was watching a movie called "The Hunger Games". I think it was really cool but it could have been better... or at least the romance in it should have been introduced better but otherwise the movie was real good :)

And then to the shopping... I've been crazy lately and I haven't even taken pics of everythin that I've bought. To be honest I'm embarrassed of the amount of money that I've used just in couple days. And now I'm planning to go to shopping-rehab (never) :D But my goal is not to buy more than 1 piece of clothing next month! Otherwise.... I dunno I will delete my blog or something. It would be awful :D

Well but there are some photos here of the tings I've bought. For example Panda chocolate! :D You don't even know how much I had it... I had this chocolate bar plus this biig paccage full of Panda Crisp chocolate! Plus these strawberry-chocolate things that you can see on the pics :)

Though who could not shop some clothes also? I bought the shorts (Gina Tricot) and shoes (Vagabond) couple days ago. Those shorts are probably my favorite ones now! They are high-waisted and BLUE! And I gotta admit I'm weak for the blue. And those shoeees! Can't wait for the snow to melt so that I can finally start using them :) They look so damn pretty!

Well and the shirt and necklase (that is heart-shaped on the shirt) I bought today. I love both colors and can't waaaaaait to use theeem! :D I'm getting crazy soon. I have so many clothes that are just waiting for the right weather. And if it doesn't get warm soon... it means I will get frozen in my pretty clothes :(

And next we go to the cosmetic stuff... I know it's not so interesting (or not for me at least) and shopping cosmetic stuff doesn't give you the same kind of pleasure that clothes do but anyways we need them so we buy them :) Oh and they might be on sale so you have to buy them even if you don't need them... Anyways I bought myself shampoo and conditioner for hair from WWW. I've used them before also but it was like when I was 13 years old. And now i'm happy that I bought them since they are the best I've ever used! And I also bought "intensive treatment" for hair.

And of course people can't live without creams. So I bought day and night creams from The Body Shop and got also a cocos hand cleansing gel for free :D Yeey! And I love my creams since my skin is now much better now yeey. Plus I needed new eyeshadows so I found myself IsaDora =)

Now to eat and then to study chemistry!




  1. I like the top, so feminine!


  2. great purchases! I love the sneakers!
    Kisses my dear friend.