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Hello beauties :) It's Thursday once again.. I gotta say I'm kinda bored of routines.. I'm bored that it always comes winter after autumn and summer after spring. And I'm bored that after Thursday comes Friday... I know... sounds stupid :D But guess my days need something new.

Or maybe I got used to the life in Sarajevo. It was soooo nice. Everything was done so spontaneous and I didn't plan anything while I was there. But still my days were better than I've ever had. It was lovely to wake up and eat breakfast outside in some nice Burek place. It was nice to answer phone and go out with a friend without planning it at all. And it was great that we could just go to cinema without even mentioning going there before. If I plan to have a great day they don't end up so great. But when I don't plan anything and they end up great.... oh how it feels gooood! :)

 Anywaaaays back to this world... Here you can see my Yesterday's outfit. I'm wearing my Gina Tricot Sylvia jeans which are almost the only jeans that I wear nowadays... I don't know why but always when I buy new jeans I end up throwing away all the old jeans and wearing only them ... Weird me. But luckily Gina Tricot has very cheap but good jeans for me to buy lol.

You can also see my new Tally Weijl shirt that I bought from Sarajevo. I loooove that color and I love the print. I also realised that I don't have many colors in my wardrobe so this shirt was a very good choice :D I really need to change my attitude to colors.

And I also have on my new New Yorker cardigan that I've been wearing A LOT lately. It's definitely my favorite cardigan right now :D Not too warm and looks really pretty with whatever I chose to wear. And I don't need to think do I have long or short jacket..

And NOW Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm going to sleep. How interesting life can be..:D And tomorrow I go to work and .. I don't really have any plans for tomorrow but let's see will I end up somewhere. Maybe I'll have a baking day :D



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  1. you sound just like me - im not such a fan of routines either! i just spent the past year in argentina where the spontanaity couldnt be better. its not fun being back home in new zealand!
    this look is super cute!