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Heeeey what's up? :) It's Wednesday now and sun is shining and I can feel the SPRING! I can't wait for the snow to melt and finally take my beautiful heels out of their box and start using them with whatever I want! Winter was boring time for clothes: I always had to wear JEANS. That is because it's so damn cold here... But hiiiii now, or soon, I can change jeans to shorts or stockings or skirts! And now I feel a need to do some shopping.....

Well but unfortunately I didn't come here to make a shopping post but a post about my trip to Lahti. We decided to go with this Finnish class to Lahti (a city in southern Finland) to see a theater show.

We arrived there around 4pm and went straight to eat to this Mamma Maria restaurant :D It was cheap there so it was a perfect place for us! I took some chicken pizza that I ate ALMOST till the end. But I couldn't eat it totally :( Tooo much is too much. :(

I was hanging in Lahti with some friends from the same Finnish class. There was my lovely Nypö, Niko and Lotta :) I don't know about them but at least I had a good time :DD

Later we went to the theater and got our tickets. The show was very well played and I liked the story (don't ask about it now I wouldn't remember anything :D). But you can't believe what happened... When the show was already almost over one of the actors stopped and said "Now we gotta stop for a moment. I'm sick and I'm gonna throw up now" Then she just ran away and everyone was like wtf. First I thought it's part of the show and when I got that it's not I started laughing like crazy :D

Well the actress came back after 10 minutes and the show could go on. And right before the end she shouted "I can't do this anymore" and ran away again. This time she didn't come back. Some man came to say that they must stop the show but then someone from the audince asked them to just read that woman's lines. And that's how they did :D Funniest part is that one other actress started laughing in the middle because of the complication. But hey at least it wasn't dead serious and it was nice to see how actors act in this kind of situations :D

Then we got back to the bus and everyone slept...boooooring. We arrived to our lovely city, Mikkeli, around 12pm.



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