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Saturdaaay. My day's been boring :D I was at work and sold only 1 in 4 hours :/ But luckily I sold pretty well in the beginning of the week so I didn't end up totally without money this week. :D

Soon I'll go to meet a friend and after that I'll maybe go to this "home party". But I'm gonna be honest: I'm 95% sure that I won't go there. I'm pretty lazy of going to that kinda places. But let's see where I will end up!

I don't actually know what would I tell you people that's why I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind.. :D Sorry. Soon my sister Elvira will arrive home and I will get Pride and Prejudice book from her. I gotta read it for school .. But better so because otherwise I wouldn't read it and I really WANT TO read it. I'm just lazy to read if I don't have to :)

And then to the outfit I guess... Here is some outfit from last week. I'm wearing my new New Yorker shirt (that I absolutely love) with simple jeans and Tally Weijl cardigan :) This shirt is definitely my favorite one since I can use it in so million ways. It will go perfectly as a dress and it will be perfect to bar or just normal daydress. Depends what else I put on with it :P But this time it was a simple shirt for a simple school-day!

Now I'm going to chill out and eat a lot before I go anywhere haha. Hope you are doing well =)




  1. knjiga je odlična i baš mi je drago što ćeš je pročitati :)

  2. You look very beautiful! This kind of blue color looks perfect on you!!
    Kisses from México!