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Heyaa! It's Monday and a whole week has passed from my last post. But I hope you people forgive me. I've been busy (not) and I haven't done anything worth capturing with my camera (not true).

This last week I spent at school, Jyväskylä (a city in south/central Finland), in cinema and shopping. At school we have exam week coming next week. So I've been studying a lot (not) and we also went to Jyväskylä with this school thing to get to know universities in Jyväskylä. And what else? Yesterday I was watching a movie called "The Hunger Games". I think it was really cool but it could have been better... or at least the romance in it should have been introduced better but otherwise the movie was real good :)

And then to the shopping... I've been crazy lately and I haven't even taken pics of everythin that I've bought. To be honest I'm embarrassed of the amount of money that I've used just in couple days. And now I'm planning to go to shopping-rehab (never) :D But my goal is not to buy more than 1 piece of clothing next month! Otherwise.... I dunno I will delete my blog or something. It would be awful :D

Well but there are some photos here of the tings I've bought. For example Panda chocolate! :D You don't even know how much I had it... I had this chocolate bar plus this biig paccage full of Panda Crisp chocolate! Plus these strawberry-chocolate things that you can see on the pics :)

Though who could not shop some clothes also? I bought the shorts (Gina Tricot) and shoes (Vagabond) couple days ago. Those shorts are probably my favorite ones now! They are high-waisted and BLUE! And I gotta admit I'm weak for the blue. And those shoeees! Can't wait for the snow to melt so that I can finally start using them :) They look so damn pretty!

Well and the shirt and necklase (that is heart-shaped on the shirt) I bought today. I love both colors and can't waaaaaait to use theeem! :D I'm getting crazy soon. I have so many clothes that are just waiting for the right weather. And if it doesn't get warm soon... it means I will get frozen in my pretty clothes :(

And next we go to the cosmetic stuff... I know it's not so interesting (or not for me at least) and shopping cosmetic stuff doesn't give you the same kind of pleasure that clothes do but anyways we need them so we buy them :) Oh and they might be on sale so you have to buy them even if you don't need them... Anyways I bought myself shampoo and conditioner for hair from WWW. I've used them before also but it was like when I was 13 years old. And now i'm happy that I bought them since they are the best I've ever used! And I also bought "intensive treatment" for hair.

And of course people can't live without creams. So I bought day and night creams from The Body Shop and got also a cocos hand cleansing gel for free :D Yeey! And I love my creams since my skin is now much better now yeey. Plus I needed new eyeshadows so I found myself IsaDora =)

Now to eat and then to study chemistry!





Saturdaaay. My day's been boring :D I was at work and sold only 1 in 4 hours :/ But luckily I sold pretty well in the beginning of the week so I didn't end up totally without money this week. :D

Soon I'll go to meet a friend and after that I'll maybe go to this "home party". But I'm gonna be honest: I'm 95% sure that I won't go there. I'm pretty lazy of going to that kinda places. But let's see where I will end up!

I don't actually know what would I tell you people that's why I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind.. :D Sorry. Soon my sister Elvira will arrive home and I will get Pride and Prejudice book from her. I gotta read it for school .. But better so because otherwise I wouldn't read it and I really WANT TO read it. I'm just lazy to read if I don't have to :)

And then to the outfit I guess... Here is some outfit from last week. I'm wearing my new New Yorker shirt (that I absolutely love) with simple jeans and Tally Weijl cardigan :) This shirt is definitely my favorite one since I can use it in so million ways. It will go perfectly as a dress and it will be perfect to bar or just normal daydress. Depends what else I put on with it :P But this time it was a simple shirt for a simple school-day!

Now I'm going to chill out and eat a lot before I go anywhere haha. Hope you are doing well =)





Hello beauties :) It's Thursday once again.. I gotta say I'm kinda bored of routines.. I'm bored that it always comes winter after autumn and summer after spring. And I'm bored that after Thursday comes Friday... I know... sounds stupid :D But guess my days need something new.

Or maybe I got used to the life in Sarajevo. It was soooo nice. Everything was done so spontaneous and I didn't plan anything while I was there. But still my days were better than I've ever had. It was lovely to wake up and eat breakfast outside in some nice Burek place. It was nice to answer phone and go out with a friend without planning it at all. And it was great that we could just go to cinema without even mentioning going there before. If I plan to have a great day they don't end up so great. But when I don't plan anything and they end up great.... oh how it feels gooood! :)

 Anywaaaays back to this world... Here you can see my Yesterday's outfit. I'm wearing my Gina Tricot Sylvia jeans which are almost the only jeans that I wear nowadays... I don't know why but always when I buy new jeans I end up throwing away all the old jeans and wearing only them ... Weird me. But luckily Gina Tricot has very cheap but good jeans for me to buy lol.

You can also see my new Tally Weijl shirt that I bought from Sarajevo. I loooove that color and I love the print. I also realised that I don't have many colors in my wardrobe so this shirt was a very good choice :D I really need to change my attitude to colors.

And I also have on my new New Yorker cardigan that I've been wearing A LOT lately. It's definitely my favorite cardigan right now :D Not too warm and looks really pretty with whatever I chose to wear. And I don't need to think do I have long or short jacket..

And NOW Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm going to sleep. How interesting life can be..:D And tomorrow I go to work and .. I don't really have any plans for tomorrow but let's see will I end up somewhere. Maybe I'll have a baking day :D





Heeeey what's up? :) It's Wednesday now and sun is shining and I can feel the SPRING! I can't wait for the snow to melt and finally take my beautiful heels out of their box and start using them with whatever I want! Winter was boring time for clothes: I always had to wear JEANS. That is because it's so damn cold here... But hiiiii now, or soon, I can change jeans to shorts or stockings or skirts! And now I feel a need to do some shopping.....

Well but unfortunately I didn't come here to make a shopping post but a post about my trip to Lahti. We decided to go with this Finnish class to Lahti (a city in southern Finland) to see a theater show.

We arrived there around 4pm and went straight to eat to this Mamma Maria restaurant :D It was cheap there so it was a perfect place for us! I took some chicken pizza that I ate ALMOST till the end. But I couldn't eat it totally :( Tooo much is too much. :(

I was hanging in Lahti with some friends from the same Finnish class. There was my lovely Nypö, Niko and Lotta :) I don't know about them but at least I had a good time :DD

Later we went to the theater and got our tickets. The show was very well played and I liked the story (don't ask about it now I wouldn't remember anything :D). But you can't believe what happened... When the show was already almost over one of the actors stopped and said "Now we gotta stop for a moment. I'm sick and I'm gonna throw up now" Then she just ran away and everyone was like wtf. First I thought it's part of the show and when I got that it's not I started laughing like crazy :D

Well the actress came back after 10 minutes and the show could go on. And right before the end she shouted "I can't do this anymore" and ran away again. This time she didn't come back. Some man came to say that they must stop the show but then someone from the audince asked them to just read that woman's lines. And that's how they did :D Funniest part is that one other actress started laughing in the middle because of the complication. But hey at least it wasn't dead serious and it was nice to see how actors act in this kind of situations :D

Then we got back to the bus and everyone slept...boooooring. We arrived to our lovely city, Mikkeli, around 12pm.





I've been doing travelling posts lately. I'm sure some of you already grew bored of them but I needed to do the whole seven day trip the way I had planned to post it haha. I will still say that I have never had so much fun on a week holiday as I did while being in Sarajevo. But well if you are still interested of reading about them view my earlier post haha. Now I go back in normal!

 Here I have on my new cardigan from New Yorker and new shoes that I bought couple days ago. I absolutely love them though the weather is a bit too warm already for them... But they will be waiting for the next winter :) I'm also wearing my new Gina Tricot Sylvia-jeans and the old Gina Tricot shirt with ASOS necklace ;)

So since I came back to Finland my life has been pretty normal ... I've been going to school, working and meeting friends. My sister Hermina had her 21st birthday though she wasn't here in this city then so I didn't see her on her birthday :( But I smsed her first thing in the morning and talked to her on phone later that day. Now I have a 21-year-old sister... That feels weird :D

Yesterday was a great day. At work I sold 5 magazines in 3 hours so I earned 40 hours in 3 hours. That was kinda cool! And I could have stayed longer BUT I needed to run to the center to buy myself a ticket to WEEKEND FESTIVAL! I bought a two day ticket for 17-18 of August ;) Almost all of the tickets were already sold when I came there but I got mine! Yeeey! You can't even imagine how i was screaming and jumping after I had bought it! I called my best friend Yasemin immediately and didn't even let her speak because I was so excited! So in August I will see for example DAVID GUETTA, SKRILLEX and HURTS! :D Can't waaaaaait!

And now i will go work and earn money that I can use for new pretty clothes muahah! My minimum goal is to sell 1 per hour which means 5 ! And now I gotta do it because I wrote it here...






This is my last travelling post. I left Sarajevo at 22:10 on Saturday. Me and dad got into the train that took us to Zagreb, Croatia. I was very positively surprised by the trains: It was perfectly clean and there were CABINS with sofas in it. I thought those trains are long gone or can be seen only in Harry Potter. But I gotta say that it was SO cool :D Since I was a child I wanted to travel in that kind of train haha. Now I finally have!

Trip to Zagreb was very comfortable. I was smsing with my friend whole night to use the money that was left on my sim card and sleeping very deeply. Once I got really scared when I woke up and saw a man in front of me. When I finally understood to take my headphones off I heard him ask for my passport. That's when I realised that it wasnt a rapist but a policeman on the border till Croatia. :D

We arrived to Zagreb around 8 o'clock. We tried to find some place to eat but nothing was open yet. But we did find this small cafe where all the policemen were sitting and drinking their morning coffee. That's where we sat and drank our cappuchinos. Soon the city started to fill up with people. That's when we got out and took a walk around the center of Zagreb. That place is really pretty I gotta say. It was so clean everywhere and warm and the buildings were so pretty. You could see the whole history on them.

We went to eat and drink again and then went to sit outside on this bench near the railway station. It was so warm that I didn't have my jacket on. I was just enjoying the sun and thinking about all that D-vitamin that was being formed on my skin haha. It was sooo damn nice.

We spent 7 hours in Zagreb but then we had to leave again. We took a bus to an airport and got on our first flight till Brussels. In Brussels we had small problems with our tickets but we got on the plain in time that took us to Helsinki, Finland. That's when I got really worried of my health. I realised that everyone was finnish but I thought they were talking bosnian. I heard long conversations in Bosnian even if, according to dad, they were all talking finnish. That was really scary :D

In Helsinki we had to sit for couple hours at the airport and wait for the bus that would take us to Mikkeli. I was just chatting with people in internet and being sad about my arrival to Finland. I would have stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for couple more weeks at least. I had so much fun there :)

But here I am in Finland again and working like I normally do to gather more money to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina again (and probably Croatiaaaa!). I can't wait :)

And from now on youwill get normal posts :D I have already couple planned haha. Hope you are all doing well ;)