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How fast time goes. Just a moment ago it was 2010 and now it's already 2012. And just a moment ago it was January when now it is February already. And just couple days ago I wished you all a good week and now it's already ending.

How long time I've talked about February 17th and still I haven't told you what is happening that day. And that day is like next week. I still haven't bought all the things I need but I do have all the main things. I still don't know where is the after after party but I hope I'll be informed very soon. But damn I'm excited! :D I'm afraid that something will go wrong but in the end does it matter? I'll have a nice and unusual day that I'll remember forever! And I promise to blog about it also haha.

But now time is passing so much that let's get to the point :D I'm having an hour break from school so I decided to come home to blog a bit. I bought these cute slippers couple days ago from H&M with only 14,95€ :) Yes they are all Christmas-like but it doesn't matter. I think they are cute and very warm! No more cold feet! :D

 And I also ordered new lenses. But no I again can't use them.. For some reason I don't see with lenses. No matter how they do it I don't see with them. Opticians said I don't see with them because my eyes are weird and lenses are going round and round in my eyes... :D But let's see what happens. I see a bit with these so I will use them on 17th of February. But I'll take others back and ask to check out if they could find me better ones :)

Happy end of the week everyone. Try to manage the cold! :)