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I woke up 27th of February at night (or morning) at 2.40am. I didn't feel tired (weird) so it was easy to get ready. Me and dad where in bus at 4.15am ready to go. We were only ones in that bus first but later on it started to get full.

Busdrive was boring and tried my best to sleep. I was listening to music since it was the only thing that kept me going. Sleeping was painfull because bus was stopping all the time and shaking like crazy. So I didn't sleep really.

Later we arrived to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There I ate some food and then we got to plane. It was really small but not too small. I was sitting next to the window and listening to music all the time (not when I wasn't allowed:D). I also opened my Dostojevski book and read it a bit untill I got tired (which happened really fast) and started sleeping.

We arrived to the Czech republic. We didn't have free wifi there more than 15minutes so it was boring to just sit there for 2 hours.. And it was pretty good surprise when the person who checked our tickets started suddenly talking to us in "jugoslavian" . First I was like hey what the hell do I really understand Czech language? :D But then I got that he was talking my language.

Plane from Czech to Croatia was even smaller. But it was interesting there. I was sleeping whole way and looking outside the window. Zagreb looked awesome from the air. We landed pretty fast and there we were, in Croatia!

When we got to Zagreb me and dad went to eat in some small Burek place. It was delicious! I have never eaten good burek outside home but this time it tasted really good. (Probably I was just too hungry). I went to buy some postcards and then we went to bus again.

Busdrive from Zagreb, Croatia to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, took us 6 hours. But it wasn't painfull. We stopped twice for 20 minute break. And it was enough. Busdriver took people to their homedoors which was funny :D And we even got to Sarajevo one hour before we should have. We arrived 23 at the local time but at 24 Finnish time so overall our trip took us 20 hours! :D

And now I'm here. Will try to post everyday but I don't think it will be possible. Today's stuff will come tomorrow (or later) .




  1. Sjajno!! Tu si znači :)

  2. I am excited for seeing pictures of the city when it's day!

  3. A sada ti zelim lijep provod u sarajevu :)

  4. wow!! amazing trip!! I wait for the pics... :)
    good luck!