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Vacation started! And I have to pack for my trip to Sarajevo! :) I'm so excited but yet so stressed and worried. I've never been to Bosnia on this time of the year and I've never stayed there only for one week. And I've never gone there alone with dad. :D Let's see what will come out of it.

All I know right now is that we have NOTHING when we go there. And that we gotta buy many things, eat out every day and I won't have my babyfood, black bread and orange juice that I rely on every day :D (Yes I'm very strict on what I eat and yes I eat only black bread (white is really bad) and baby food and orange juice have to be THE babyfood and THE oringe juice not just any) But in the end I've been in Bosnia for 5 weeks in a row without problems (only some bad feelings because I didn't have my babyfood, orange juice, right chocolate and black bread).

 So now I'm trying to pack .... Still havent done everything since I have to put hygenia and make up things at night because I will still need it. I will be travelling in my Serena-jeans that I bought from Gina Tricot last year. They are really nice jeans but they've got so loose that it will be comfortable to travel in them :)

And I know I will have to buy couple postcards and souveniers from Sarajevo and of course millions of shirts. While packing I realised that I have a lot of shirts but I don't like to use them anymore. I've grown bored of them... Probably because in winter it's hard to use them in any other way than with jeans. If i had a chance to use them with shorts and skirts and every other way, it would be so cool and so easy :D

 I will also take a book with me. I will have to read two classics for my Finnish lesson and write some essey of them so I chose Dostojevski's Crime and Punnishment and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen is at my sister Elvira's place so I can't take it with me. And I have only one part of Dostojevski's here but I will take that first part and read it and when I come back I will go to a library to borrow another part and read that also! :) After that is time for Jane Austen!

But I gotta say that it's stressful. I'm not sure what will happen in Sarajevo. I hope it will all just go well and when I come back I'll have millions of photos that I'll post here :D And of course millions of new clothes. So at night (4am) leavs the buss from Mikkeli's busstation to Helsinki. At 9.35 our plane leavs to Praha and at ... don't remember when..... plane leavs from Praha to Zagreb. And in Zagreb there is a bus waiting for us to take us to Sarajevo :) Haha I'm going crazy. Get ready, I'm coming! :D




  1. wooohooo...dolaziš nam u Sarajevo :D
    Potpuno te razumijem..najgore je kad se ide na tako kratak vremenski period. Ne znaš šta da poneseš, misliš da ti sve može zatrebati pa bi sve da poneseš :P
    A i hrana je bitan faktor. i ja jedem dječije kašice i kad tako idem negdje hoću da poludim. pokupujem mjesečnu zalihu samo da bih imala dok se ne vratim :P

    A što se tiče vremena u Sarajevu, vrijeme ti je ovdje odlično. bar su tako najavili u narednim danima. Juče je sunce sijalo..ja bila presretna :D
    Ugl. očekujemo te uskoro..i sa novim postovima i sličicama, a i u Sarajevu, mom gradu :D

  2. Sretan ti put, ma bit će ti super, ne brini ništa, u Zagrebu je vrijeme prekrasno toplo, mislim da bi trebalo tako biti i u Sarajevu tako da ćeš se super provesti :)

  3. Have a great time in Sarajevo. Hope you take a lot of pictures and then I hope you show them here :D I want to know Bosnia!