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I'm a bit late with wishing you all a very good Valentine's day so in stead of doing that I'll just simply ask that How was your valentine's day? :) How many hugs you got?

My Valentine's day passed through like every other day :D I got only two hugs and only three people wished me happy valentine's day :( That was sad. We used to have at school this Valentine's day's Hug day. It means that we all got these paper hearts that we put on around our neck and went to hug everyone that we saw and they wrote their names on our hearts. That was so nice :)

But nowadays we are made to be so serious and grown ups that hugging isn't acceptable :( Well but at least I got something for valentine's day :) My friend Maria, who has given me my Ibrahim-cactus and his cousin Luitpold (knitted cactus), gave me another friend: Owl named Giovanni Novosibirski :D It also has a small egg with it as you can see :)

Another thing that I got, or actually my FAMILY got, are these small packages tha contain some Croatian candy! :) Our longlasting neighbors (one old woman and man) had visited Croatia and since they love to make these small things buy hands, they made us these small packages that have pictures of Adrian sea and filled them up with Croatian candy. And they are REALLY delicious ;) Yummy!

And today my mama made me happy with buying me earrings (that you will see on me in my 17th of February photos) and a cute bag from LINDEX. It was on sale and she got two bags with only 10€! Wohow!

And let me stress about Friday..... I've probably talked about 17th of February like FOREVER and now it's fianlly here. You will see photos on 18th of 19th and I promise it will be the best post I've ever written! :D I'm so stressy omg. Help!

Now going to sleep and tomorrow is time to see people dressed like Disney characters and everything else they've come up with and eat the candy that they throw at us! :D More about that later. I will take a camera with me so that you can enjoy tomorrow with me even if you don't get candies haha.

Have a nice end of the week!




  1. hey :( I can't understand... what happen on february 17th!!! :( a ball? that would be so exciting!
    Your friend is adorable, that present she gave you is lovely and I can't avoid to think that the cactus is lovely too :)

  2. Slatki poklončići..sretno 17tog :)