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Heey how's it going? :) It's Monday already and my exam week in now officially over. I had a dance lesson from 12.45-15.30 today and it went really good. I took my shoes with me so that I learned to dance with heels. I must say it felt weird like that but it wasn't overly hard.. :D

New week is ahead of us but let me go to the previos week still.. Here is my Saturday:

I was sick on Saturday so I didn't go to work. And my voice was awful so there wouldn't have been any selling with that voice. In stead I went with my family to eat out in a restaurant called Rosso. We ordered the usual, two big pizzas, Hot Pueblo and BBQ Chicken. Yummy!

After eating ourselves full of pizza (didn't eat all of that though) we headed to some stores. I was planning to get home because I was sick but nooo those shops didn't let me go anywhere... H&M decided to have sales so I bought this nice white sweater only with 7€ and those cute earmuffs only with 1€ ! I've been planning to buy earmuffs for a while because I can't really wear my hair up with my big furhat so these headmuffs are really good purchase :) And only with 1€ lol!

After H&M we went to Gina Tricot. I wasn't going to find anything from there anymore but guess what, I DID! :D I found these cool pants with a belt with only 3€! Can you believe that?? My mom will fix them for me since they are too long :P But 3€ pants and a belt... Huh. And I also took this cute headband with 2€ which is also cheap lol. Already used it today but sorry, no outfit pictures yet :/

 Well but you all know how much I love food. So let me introduce you to my Sunday! :D I was only sitting at home, really bored of everything, watching some tv series from computer and eating salmon with potatos and freshly squeezed orangejuice. I say YUMMY! ;)

 Here was my weekend and now I'm ready to start the new week! :D




  1. uuu lijep šoping :)

  2. great food, all of them look really delicious, specially that pizza. :)

  3. divne ulove si napravila :)