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17th of February

17th of February WAS finally here! :D (And now it's gone already, damn). Now I can finally show you what it was about :)

We had WANHAT which is this ball for second graders in high school. Yesterday was "Penkkarit" when we kicked out the 3rd graders and because the oldest in our High school :D And Wanhat is a day when we put on our princess dresses and dance!

I bought this dress from Milly Bridal and they made it PERFECT! It costed around 300€ plus I paid 65€ for my hairdresser to make my hair. And she made it perfect! :D (Sorry too many perfect words in this post). My sister Elvira decided to put me some make up on and it that also was perfect! My tiara is old already. My oldest sister Hermina used it in her wanhat, then it was used by Elvira and now me. And same with shoes! But they were still serving me perfectly. Necklase is Elvira's and earrings are MINE! :D Costed 22€ and made of silver :)

My day started with alarm clock waking me up at 5.30 am. First I didn't get why my phone is ringing and I was just putting it to snooze all the time :D When I finally understood why I should wake up at 5.30 am, I stood up and went to brush my teeth. Mom and I hurried to hairdresser at 6.00 am. She made my hair look so pretty! I was so happy that I could have hugged her but in stead I just said millions of thank you's :D

I came home at 7.30 am and then Elvira took me to her hands and made me nice make up :) My skin looked rly smooth the whole day and I didn't have to fix it even once during the whole day! I think I've never had my make up done so well :D

 At 09.00 I was at school. Some professional photographer took photos of us. I took a photo first with my dancing pair, then with my friends and their pairs. After that we took a picture with everyone who was dancing in the same group with us :) I will get those photos later on and I will scann them and put here for everyone to see! :)

 Soon after that we hurried to our ex school where my sisters came also with cameras and took millions of photos of me and my friends! It was REALLY nice. I felt like paparazzi is all over me haha (It probably wouldn't be nice if it was really paparazzi but this way it did).

At 12 we went to my place with a group to eat some pizza that my mom had made :) There was me, Einari (my dancing pair), Lotta and her pair Niko, Nypö and her pair Juho and Kiia and her pair Miko.

At 13.15 we started our day dance. There were so many people watching us. There was this whole school and their teachers plus some random people that came :) I didn't know nobody there so I was just smiling to unknown people that after that kept on smiling to me during the whole dance :D It was soso nice! Dancing took about 1 hour or so and I was totally dead afterwards!

We spent a moment in this small hall where we kept our clothes after dances. Me and my friend Roosa became tired of sitting and standing in our painful dresses so we climbed to stage since there were some mattresses where we could lay :D

 At 16.00 I hurried to our shopping center Stella where we were dancing five dances of our wanhat to an audience. It was fun but it was really scary! Some of my friends were there too like Kapu and Marsa (the one who has given me Ibrahim (the cactus), Luitpold (the knitted cactus) and Giovanni (knitted owl)).

After dancing twice I felt really hungry! Luckily we had table reservation in this nice restaurant named HuviRetki. I ate this delicious Chicken bread thing that I eat almost everytime I go there :D It's probably the best thing I've ever eaten lol.

Daddy gave us a ride to our dancing place after eating. At 19.00 we were again on the dancefloor showing the audience (that consisted of our relatives and friends) our moves! It went really well and I got really nice pictures from there :D

 After dancing we came back to the room where we were dancing and took some photos with Einari and of course my family! :) We took a photo where he gave me a rose since there was no camera man when that really happened. (After dancing guys went to get roses and some men sang a song for the girls and after that guys gave girls the roses).

Untill that my day had been amazing. But trust me it didn't end there! I just got to the car with my family and Nypö and we drove home. We drank a lot of water with Nypö since we were so damn thirsty after dancing and ate some food to give us energy. I also drank some coffee so that I wouldn't fall asleep. At 21.00 we were already in another place with our big dresses! We had an Afterparty in a place called Mikaeli which is this big and famous concert house in our town. There we had some band playing for us and later on we had a DJ and a lot of dancing! That was really cool to dance in our big dresses. It was so damn hot there but I didn't care. I was just dancing untill we had to leave! :D

We came home with Nypö at 10 pm. We change our dresses and I took my tiara away. Then we just layed on my bed and gathered strength for the everning :D I used my dress that I had ordered from ASOS and my shoes that I ordered from !  :)

I gotta say that night was super awesome! I had my smirnoff Ice (or two of them) but I drank only one. Music and friends kept me going whole night! We were dancing everyone in a big group and it didn't even matter did you know those people, you were still part of the droup :D My feet were hurting like crazy but I didn't give a damn. I was still jumping there like I would be wearing flat shoes rather than 13cm heels that were pressing my toes everytime I moved my feet :D I danced till 4am untill I had to get home. Then my feet were hurting so much that walking 100meters from car till my home took me 10 minutes and people taht passed by with cars were looking at me like I'm some weirdo. Can't blame them though. Immediately when I got to our hall I took my shoes away :D

So there was my 17th of February! Hope you LOVED it ;)




  1. you look overly beautiful!! i'm very happy for you, it's obvious that you enjoyed every bit of your day. :)

  2. Hey you look so wonderful, your dress is one of the most beautiful I've seen in the whole pictures... I love it and its color is lovely! :) And of course, you look adorable with that dress. Besides the white coat gives you the final touch for being a princess :)

    1. Thank you Paula! :) It's nice to hear your opinion :)

  3. Oh you look so pretty!!! Like a fairy tale!

  4. Prelijepa si :) Drago mi je da je sve proslo onako kako si i zamisljala!

  5. Oh,You have to most beautiful dress what i know :)
    I love your blog :)

  6. so many nice beautiful dress..
    mind following each other?

    1. Thank you :) But I must say I dont do the "Follow each other" thing at all :D I think it's a stupid way to get number of your followers up. It just means they follow you so that you would follow them :) I don't wanna sound mean but this is what I think :D So if you like my blog then follow it if not then don't. I will visit your blog when I have time and see if it's my style :P

  7. U really look stunning and ur dress is the best out there :D <3

  8. Joko teil oli wanhojen risteily vai onks teil sitä ollenkaan? =)

    1. Meillä ei oo wanhojen risteilyä, mutta meillä oli mahtavat wanhojen jatkot ja jatkojenjatkot, jossa meno oli aivan super mahtavaa ;)

  9. prekrasna si bila! naježila sam se gledajući slike :) kao iz bajke!

  10. wow ovo je odlično, tko god da je smislio događaj, super si izgledala, kao princeza na dvoru :)

  11. wowwwwww! You look like a princess. Love your dress, is amazing!
    great pics <3