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HEJSAN! How are you beauties? :) Guess what! It was my first day at my future job place or should I say current? I'm not sure. We have some schooling for a month but we will start selling products tomorrow with my group. I hope I'll get at least one product sold :) The place was really nice. It was comfortable and people there were really positive and in a good mood. They played every kind of music! It was really really nice to be there even though I didn't get to the selling just yet. This first month I will come and go the way they tell me but after that I can discuss with them what time I could come to work and so on. I will be working 15hours per week which will be a bit of a challenge with school but I guess I can manage it. Wish me luck :)!

So this is what I looked like :) I just adore my vest. It is one of the first things I've bought from Gina Tricot! I just love it! Rest of my clothing is also from Gina so I don't think I need to be talking about them more ... :D I like this outfit really much :) But anyways with this outfit I managed the interview and the schooling! So I guess it is a good outfit ;)

 After my interview, around 1 pm, I went to do some cosmetic shopping :) I've had this Powder from Lumene for a long time but it has been renewed recently with some new ingredients in it so I decided to try this new powder :) This foundation from Maxfactor I haven't used before but the saleswoman recommended it for me and helped me to choose the right color. I'm very familiar with Mavala's polish though and since they were only 3,90€ each (normal price 4,90€) I decided to take two of them! I have aleady six different polish from Mavala and must say Mavala is definitely my favorite polish brand! What do you think about my shopping? Have you ever tried some of these products? Would love to hear some feedback about them! :)

Now I'm going to read some papers for my work tomorrow so that I could start selling well :) Wish me luck with my work (I say that all the time ... but probably because I really need luck! :D) and school that is starting tomorrow :/ So byebye holiday :( I will be missing you ..