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Happy Wednesday everybody! :) I'm having a free lesson now so I'm at home writing my blog haha! On my way to school I'm going to send my best friend Yasemin her birthday present! Her birthday is on 13th of January so happy birthday to her :) <3 It's weird that we are going to be 18 now but actually nothing has changed :D It's good to be a child and I hope I'll always be a child rather than being a serious adult because they are BOOORING. So who will watch some Disney cartoons with me ? ;)

... And as you may see from my pictures I'm mentally still 9 years old and addicted to my friend Ibrahim here :D ahahah. Actually I wanted to show you that he is still alive and I haven't killed him. I guess he liked his place in my sisters' room. It's more sunny there than in my room! :)

My work is going well. My record is 4 per 3 hours though yesterday I sold only 2 per 3 hours and I'm still happy about it! When school makes me depressed, work makes me happy! :) So it's good to go there. Talking with different kind of people on phone is really refreshing. Even though some of them just say "Fuck off" and close the phone :D Those custerms make me laugh the most so guess my mind is just twisted enough to enjoy this job haha. So I guess not even a job can make me "adult-serious". :P

Simple Gina Tricot outfit decorated with Zack! :)

It's weird to say that everything goes so smoothly :D There are of course things that bother me (that I was telling about in my last post) but when I look at my life now it seems wonderful. I shouldn't even worry about nothing because nothing is wrong right on this moment. I don't say I'm all happy but I say I should be all happy. And that's where I'm heading day by day :) I hope you all do the same!

Guess I don't have anything more to say so good luck with your lives and try to make it a happy one! :) You can never smile too much!




  1. Especially with that smile like that!!

    Keep them coming, girl!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    yippie doo dah

  2. You're lovely :),
    Are Yasemin and İbrahim turks?

  3. You are an amazing person! you are lovely :)!!! I really like your blog!

    ... and your hair is very beautiful!
    kisses from México!

  4. hübsch bist du ♥ schöner blog ♥

  5. Ibrahim je glavni :)
    Drago mi je da ti sve ide onako kako zelis.

  6. Noticed you love to dance, that's my main passion too :) good to see other dancing bloggers!

    now following, xox

  7. slicice su divne!
    ja se prijavljujem za gledanje crtaca! :)

  8. kaktus je zakon!