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This is just a quick post about my day here and about the things I bought (or my mama bought but I will pay her back later :D).

My day started at 10 am when I woke up after a very annoying night! I didn't sleep much at all last night. I was waking up all the times plus my dreams were all really irritating :( When I woke up at 10 I couldn't wait to get rid of that "trying to sleep but can't" feeling so I was more than happy to get up.

The fact that made me sad was that I had to go to school at 11 :( Luckily I had only two lessons, Swedish and Psychology, and after that I ran to WORK! :) I had really really nice time there today! It was exciting. I'm selling things through phone and even though I got many No's I also got one Yes! That was a good thing since they said that we won't probably sell nothing today yet that usually first day goes with No's! But I got 1 and tomorrow my goal is 2 and day after tomorrow is 3 and so on ... :D Wish me luuuck! I'm soo excited even if It's just talking on the phone :D I even got a chance (or had to) talk in swedish there. It didn't work out well though but it was a nice try haha! (There are areas in Finland were people talk swedish and not everyone there knows finnish or want to talk finnish)

But the most happy part is what I found when I came home! This beautiful white bathrobe is from Lindex and I've wanted a nice bathrobe for sooo long! I'm usually going to sauna in saturday's so I would really love to wear a warm bathrobe when I come out of sauna :)

My mama also bought me this facial wash thing from the body shop! I already have skin clearing toner and Tea tree oil from there so this was a good purchase! :) Now I have everything from Tea tree oil products ;) Have you ever tried them? :)

Now I go to sleep and tomorrow I'm again at school and then work from 15.45 till 19.45 (If I don't feel like staying for more :D) Good night everybody!




  1. I love body shop - its always good to use :)I am loving your blog, I hope we could follow each other.

  2. drago mi je da ti je bilo dobro na poslu! nadam se da će tako bit i ubuduće ;)

  3. youre so cute- love your headers photos :)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  4. baš prave stvari za ostati kod kuće u ovo zimsko doba i uživati ;)