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Happy Saturday! Yesterday (Friday) I got nice package home :) It was from MSCHIC who was sending me the makeup that me, my sister and my mom ordered. I got this nice and THE BEST Mascara ever with only 10€, nice black eyeliner 2€ and Highlighter powder 9€. They were all in sale so lucky me! :D Some things were missing from this order like my mom's mascara and sister's eyeliner. And also my sister's lipstick was BROKEN :( It isn't coming out of the tube. I called Mschic immediately and they promised to send us new lipstick plus the things that are missing :) I realised I can use that broken lipstick with a lipstick brush :)

And I was at work from 15-17 and sold two :) I got some candy from my work :) Hihi. They are so nice! I also had an interview to another job place. That other place seemed very good as a job. They had really good payment and I should work there only 3 times a week. That would work really good for me since I want to have time for school also. That office also looked good and I kinda hope they will take me! But the place where I am now is good because I know people there and they are really nice people! I would miss them and I would miss shouting loud "SOOOOLD!" and hearing millions of Bravo's.

In the evening I did something that I haven't done by my own will ever in my life! I've always been made to go skating with school which was so awful that I decided I'm too "foreigner" to do winter sports. But then my lady, Kapu, asked me that "Should we all girls go together skating?!" and I said YES! :D I was regretting it for a long time and stressing and wanted to say that "Sorry I can't come!" but then I decided that HEY, Now I go and I'll make it somehow. At least I won't die.. I could actually add to my New Year's resolutions that I'll face my fears as I did now!

And I made it! And it was fun even if it was cold. I didn't fall even once! Skating was nice since our city made a skating place in the middle of a center :D Its sooo great! Though I felt bad for this little girl who was just learning how to skate but didn't have a hemlet :( I should have had one (but I didn't :() so she should have especially had one! However after getting frozen we headed to Kapu's place (there were 6 of us) and me and Kerttu ate these delicious Runeberg's cakes :) They are yummmmyy!

And tomorrow I will try to make some make up-post! Or cosmetic post or something like that ... Let's see tomorrow.  :P Now have a nice evening and enjoy your weekend!




  1. want to look that make up tried on!! :)
    i'm so envy of you cause we never shop online. Here in my country it's a very unusual thing, well, it's not unusual. There is a lot of people who shop online but they are not the majority. Do you understand me? it's not a part of our culture. That is what I mean... I thinnk hahahaha

    well, that dessert looks amazing too <3 so yummy

  2. you are right. That is de advantage I have if I shop online. The problem is that we have different taxes to the importation and we, chilean people, have to ay about the 130% of the product. It is a lot :( hate those taxes

  3. ti mene tako uveseliš svojim postovima, baš su super :) ovaj kolač izgleda ukusnooooo!

  4. yumm! those winegums look delicioussss <3