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Shall we do some blogging? Oh YES! It's Monday morning and I just came home from exam! It took me two hours to finish the History exam, but I say it went well! Or at least I think so... Let's see when I get the exam back haha.

Soon I go to school to have an Psychology lesson and then I come home to study psychology... (Tomorrow I have Ps exam so ..) I think there is nothing as interesting as Psychology. I realised that even during studying History I was thinking things the way I would if I were reading psychology. And what I mean with this is that I was analysing things that people have done in old times and how it has affected them psychologically. :D Even my mom realised that haha.

It's getting even colder outside and guess what, I'M SICK! That's not nice. My throat hurts which makes it hard to study. I of course read out loud and I also need my voice at work :D I can't sell anything through phone if I don't have voice haha. Well at least I won't go so much to work this week. I'll go next time in Wednesday because I want to study well. It's nice to have understanding boss who lets me work the way I want to :D But at least it's beautiful outside. Trees are all frozen and they are sooo pretty!

But since I'm sick I wear very normally (like I ever wear differently lol) and eat a lot! :) Today I ate home made Burek which doesn't look good at all but which tastes better than anything! Yummy! And I listen that song in replay that I posted ... Ex Yugoslavian rock is the best rock ever made I could say.. :D But that's only my opinion.




  1. wow, i think we're in the SAME situation, I adore phycology myself and even want to be a phycologist in the future. My throat also hurts and I LOVE "Börek" too. :)

    hope you'll do great at your exams! :)

  2. Burek je najbolja stvar na svijetu!
    pjesma takoder ovih dana i kod mene na repertoaru :)
    pozdrav! :D

  3. fabulous post, love. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xo

  4. These photos are so beautiful! I love the shade of blue on you. It's lovely!