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I ADMIT! I've been a bad blogger and even a worse blog-follower.... I've been too busy to write anything and too busy to read blogs carefully :( Sorry..

Now I thought I could give a moment for my blog and then read the blogs I follow :D Because of the lack of the time I also have lack of pictures which means I need to write something that consists of old photos ... So here it is..


 Is there actually anything more important than your own family? You can always be sure that your own family will love you, no matter what, and they won't leave you because of couple bad choices in your life. They have raised you from the moment you were born and they will take care of you for the rest of your life. I guess nowadays people underestimate the "blood-bond" but we should never ever do that. Here you can see some photos I chose to show you of my family :) There you may see my mom and dad and me and my sisters. There are some old pictures and

 Family Denić! Cousins are also one of the most important ones. Here you may see my lovely cousins from my mama's side. You may see my sisters, me and my cousins Elma and Elvisa plus one further relative, Anela. Unfortunately I don't have picture of Elma's and Elvisa's lil brother Elvis. He is sweet but shy when the camera arrives..:D

 Jakupović family! Or well there are two photos where you may see my cousins from mom's sode but most of these people are relatives from my dad's side. The baby photo is my own personal favorite. There you may see Zlatan (cousin), Hermina (sister), Slađa (cousin), Elvira (sister) and me showing my big butt in the front :D Cute eh?

Cousins are probably the best. I don't see my cousins very often (mom's side more than dad's side) because most of them live very far away (in other countries mostly) but it doesnt matter. We might not see for years and not even talk through facebook really but when we meet we are like we have never been appart! And it's always sooo nice to see them and it's often so fun that you never forget the time you spent with your cousins.

 And then there are those that have just become part of the family like you may see my newest cousins Meliha and Elvir. They are both from my mom's side, one my uncle's and one my aunt's. And then there are those that have already left this family in this world but that will always stay in our memories like my Dido (granddad) and also my Nane Sheki (Grandma Sherifa). Dido is my mom's dad and nane is my dad's mom. Love them all! :)

Now I will go to sleep. I've had busy days and soon my exams start so I'll be even more busy... I've sold well at my work and earned pretty nice money that I'll spend in Sarajevo next month :)! Yeey! I've been really tired and I'm trying not to become a coffee drinker so I'm avoiding coffee even if I'm tired ... Nojoo but what am I talking? Laku noc - Good night!




  1. your family seems great, but what is greater is that you know how to appreciate it. :)

  2. prekrasni trenutci s obitelji i prijateljima zabilježeni na tvojim slikama :) super :)