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Now, let me introduce you to the WARM Finnish winter. I got a comment on my last post that -9 Degrees is too cold so here it comes ....

Today's weather:

And for everyone who is wondering am I in Mikkeli, Banja Luka or in Sarajevo, I'm definitely in the coldest place, MIKKELI, Finland! This is actually normal, or even warm, for January. But no worries, weather forecast promised -20 to -30 this winter :) So Finnish cold winter is saved!

I'm a bit worried of how I'll manage this winter but I've lived through those -40 degrees times so I guess -30 is manageable. I gotta thank myself (and H&M) for buying my sweet fur-hat! :) It has been my saver from the cold till now and it's gonna be a bigger saver when it comes to -30 Degrees... I promise you won't see me much outside when it gets that cold haha. I'll go where I absolutely HAVE TO, which means school and work, and rest of the time I'll spend inside under a soft and warm blanket with hot cup of chocolate and romantic movie ... Sounds good eh? ;)

My exam week started today though I didn't have an exam today. I had my dance practise from 10 till 11 and now I'm home eating and writing my blog :D Soon, at 12.30, I go back to school to have a lesson that will make me ready for Moday's History exam! So my weekend will consist of History, History and History! :)

After that lesson I must run to work and do some hours and earn some money. Hopefully today will pass better than last time.. Last time I sold 5 in 4 hours but there were over 100 people who didn't answer me haha. It was awfully boring to call without an answer! :D

Have a nice day everyone! I'll keep myself warm with my H&M coat and fur hat :) 
How are you going to keep yourself warm for the winter? 

 ps. I'm glad because, if you didn't know, winter time is awfully dark in Finland. We get sun only for 1-2 hours in the middle of the day and that time I'm always at school. So no sun for me.. But sicne we are going towards Summer days have got lighter. Today I woke up at 9 am and guess what, IT WAS SUNNY OUTSIDE! :) I was so happy haha!


  1. wow, the city where you live is so cold! I couldn't even survive with -10°C so I believe I may not survive with -40°C IT IS SO DAMN COLD I would freeze. I admire you hahaha. Nice hat by the way, hope it helps you to survive hahaha.

  2. Subara je odlicna! Kod nas nije bas tako hladno, ali se svejedno smrzavamo. Koji ti je to lak na noktima? Lep je. :)

    1. Ma ne moze nigdje biti tako hladno ko u mojoj dragoj Finskoj haha :D Lak je iz KICKS i predobar je! :)

  3. Uh, baš je hladno! Ja gledam snijeg kroz prozor i ne izlazim napolje!;)
    Šubara je sjajna!;)

  4. Vieläks Elvira(?) kirjottaa blogii? :)

    1. Valitettavasti Elvira oli hieman liian laiska ja lopetti blogin kirjoittelemisen :/

    2. Voi höh, sil oli nii kivoi juttui. Ja tän sun blogin ja Herminan blogin lisäks se oli tosi mukavaa luettavaa ja ihania kuvia teillä kaikilla! =)

    3. Kiitos paljon! :) Pitääkin välittää tiedot Elviralle että häntä kaivataan haha :D

  5. Hi my dear friend :)
    How are you??
    you look so perfect, I love your fur hat! :)