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Happy end of the weekend everybody! :( Tomorrow we go back to our normal life with no sleeping and no resting... How sad. At least I go.. I don't know about you guys :D

What do you think about selftanning creams? I just bought a self tanning cream for my body and a selftanning wipes for my face on my trip to Kuopio. I bought them so that I could look good on 17th of February that I am taking about more and more every week... :D Sorry that I can't tell you more about it. You'll know when I get to computer after that long day and night... :D Tomorrow I'll call to my hairdresses so that we could try to make my hair before we do it 17th of February. I want to see how it looks like and my hairdresser wants to practise it :D Both of my sisters already promised to do my make up ;) I already tested Elvira's skills and I liked it and soon will be Hermina's test! :D Let's see who will win.

Anyways... I've always been sceptical about selftanning creams and actually it wasn't a long time ago when I said that people who use creams to tan themselves are really weird and stupid. They don't give you so nice tan than the sun or solarium does plus they smell bad plus why the hell you should be so fake to tan yourself with creams? :D That's what I thought but here I am using selftanning creams. I will probably stop this after 17th of February but who knows will I continue using them. But hey people feel free to say whatever you think about the self tanning creams! I won't take anything as an insult :D

Tomorrow I'm back to school and back to the work. Work sounds good but school sounds a bit boring.. At least I have dancing (which is damn cool because last time we were dancing tango! :D ) and psychology which is ALWAYS cool! :D




  1. i know how it sucks to be back at school but it's our destiny, you're lucky that you have phycology classes!
    i want to know more about the February 15th thingy! :)
    have a great Sunday. :)

  2. nama praznici završavaju danas, sutra u školu, ali ja se veselim :)
    veselim se i tvojim slikama od 17. :D

  3. da mi je samo jos dva dana da se odmorim od odmora! radila sam ceo raspust, a sutra mi ponovo pocinje fakultet i to onaj tezi deo :(((

  4. Imam casove jos ovu sedmicu i onda ispit, teze mi pada to nego sama predavanja :)
    nisam nikad koristila kremu za samotamnjenje, good luck! :)

  5. Sabsi: testaappa kuule noita jo, ja hanki levityshanska.... muute sun käsistä tulee mustat. mul ois kyllä tääl yks levityshanska. + jos laitat tota naamalle ni mitä tuulet onkohan meikkivoiteiden sävy siin vaihees enää oikee.... :D nii.

  6. Ja sam nova u blog svijetu,pa bi dobro dosla svaka pomoc.