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Hejsan! I have many things on my mind again. So here I am telling you all about it once again. I know that sometimes this blog seems really shallow but it's shallow only when I don't feel like writing anything from my heart. I actually started writing my blog for myself so that I could have a place where to share my thoughts about good and bad. So let's say I'm married to my blog and I'm going to stick with it in good and bad untill death tears us apart. Let's see whos death will come first: mine or my blog's.

I don't know how many of you have watched Vampire Diaries but those that have know very well that vampires in that series can switch off their emotions if they want to. And that's exactly what I'd like to do right now. No matter the new year 2012 I still haven't left behind the problems that happened to me in 2011 and now I'm thinking that why the hell I'm not letting go of them? In the end it doesn't matter. I'll see these people for 1-2 more years and then I'm gone. Probably for good. And why should those things matter after all? People say that you should keep your friendships safe but I say that first make sure which friendship is worth keeping safe. Those that you trust the most can become the worst.

Okay but hey let's get to the good news shall we! :D Today I was at work from 15.00-18.00 so three hours in total. And I got 4 things sold during that three hours!  It's my 4th day selling so this is pretty good! Let's see how tomorrow goes ;) Wish me luuck!

And and and .... It's been pretty cold here in Finland during these last few days (around -10 to -15 degrees). And we finally got a lot of snow on the ground! I love how it snows and I love this kind of white snow :) I love to use my fur hat and feel the cold on my face but know that my ears are well hidden from it! :D It's a really a nice feeling and I would just love to take some pictures outside before this all melts but unfortunately my camera is at my sister's place in Kuopio! With this camera that I have at home I can't take good pictures anywhere and weather forecast already said that the snow is melting after a couple of days :( But maybe I'll get you some Finland winter photos during this winter! ;) If not then let's just wait till the next year when I'll have a real nice new camera in my hands :P

That's all about it for now. I hope your week has started nice and not with so many thoughts as mine did :D But hey I, and WE, still have time to make this week a great one!




  1. ma samo stay positive and smile! sretno i sutra! super ti je šeširić i baš ti lijepo stoji.

  2. love your hat dear!!
    happy new year!!=)
    kisses pretty=)

  3. great video, I like the song!!
    love your hat, is so fluffy! :P

  4. cute hat and bag!

    ps i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment if you fancy taking a look...