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Good start of the week everyone. It's Tuesday and I'm already tired. Monday was spent at school and then at work. I sold 6 magazines in 4 hours which is pretty good amount.. Today, Tuesday, I've spent my time at school and then at hairdresser's. My hairdresser made my hair how I wish to have it on 17th of February so that I could see how it looks like  (yes, again I speak of it but still I won't tell anything about it!). She showed me two types of curles so that I could choose one and after that two kind of braid so that I could choose which one I like more. 

I'm deadly tired nowadays. I hope this will get better because it's really eating me. I should go to schoolm go to work and manage it well and after that spend my evening studying.. Soon I should (or I should already) start driving school but honestly I have no idea when I will have time for it. And I miss excersizing and having my free time. If there are some other people who are in the same place where I am, please tell me how you manage! I hope I won't end up leaving my job, because that place is really nice. I love to work there, it makes me happy!

Maybe I just need to calm down and start using my time more effectively. There are many people who are even more busy than I am and they manage. So why wouldn't I manage with this? :D I just need to get used to some stresslevel (not to lack of sleep because I will never ever give up sleeping :D I love to sleep way too much and not sleeping enough would mean getting old pretty fast so no thanks!)

It's also been really cold these days and it seems that it's getting even colder. End of this week will be -15 till -20 degrees so help me God to survive. At least I have my fur hat and nice coats that I will need these days. But I must say that it's nice to see frozen trees that are under a big layer of snow. It looks so beautiful! That's why I took a picture from my balcony to show what I see when I look out of the window :)

Now to sleep. Good night dears! :)




  1. rakas täällä on jo -17<3 :) hahahahahah ps tuo kolmas kuva on ihana<3

    1. :O no mut sie oot lapis. Tääl on tänää jo -15 :( onneksi minulla onm oma karvahattuni!

  2. love the sweater! It's H&M? I'm so sure I saw a very similar one in another blog and the blogger said it was H&M... and hey! to see the pic of the temperature makes me feel so cold... -9.7° it so much for me, the most cold day of the all winter was like -5° or -7° and we was already freezing. Chile is not a pretty cold country...

    1. haha! If -9,7 is cold for you then how does -13 sound then? :D Because right now it's -13 and to be honest this is the warm winter in Finland. And about the shirt.. No it's not from H&M but it could be. It's from another swedish shop named Gina tricot ;)