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5th of January

 HEYAA! Hihi I'm happy! My day has been all about running from place to place but guess what! I'm totally okay about it because I got my 9 hour sleep last night! :D I was already worried there days because everynight there was so many things going around my head that I could sleep and I was so nervous that I was waking up every minute :( But now I succeeded and even if 9 hours isn't so woow much it is a lot on school days! :) Though I must admit I could sleep much more than that ...

So today I have my english and swedish wordtests and they passed well which made me happy. I didn't study so much to them but I did study much more effectively than normally which is thanks to my job and lack of time! Normally when I don't have much to do I just come to home and don't do things I need to because I assume that I will havetime for that. But then I realise that I didn't do anything :D Now I do the things I need to when I have time for them and that's it. And better this way!

And at work I did well too! I'm not some supergood seller YET but today was my 3rd day on the phone and I already got two things sold! :) So this is my new record and next time my goal is 4! Yesterday I didn't sell anything and I must say I didn't even try as well as today. Good mood really works in selling! ;)

And you know what else happened! I made myself really good cacao this morning and put it to a bottle where is would stay warm. When we bought that bottle longlong time ago I already then saw that it is not working well and it wasn't keeping the drink inside it when it was supposed to be closed. Well yesterday evening me and dad checked it out and tried it and it worked after some fixing and of course I took it with me and tried it in the morning also but when it had been in my bag for the day it ended up letting the cacao out :( I was SO sad when I couldn't drink cacao at work :( But good that I have a nice mama and she brought me two cheeseburgers from McDonald's so I could eat something :) Hihi! Love my mama!

Should I tell you about this outfit also? :D This outfit I wore yesterday so it's Wednesday's outfit. There you can see one of my favorite shirts that I've bought in flea-market and I've even done a post about this shirt earlier because of the weird picture on it. You may see that post here. I also have my overknees and under them some stockings. And no need to ask where I bought them because I can't remember :D My guesses are Gina Tricot, KappAhl and Lindex. So probably some of them .. :D

So that was my day! How was your's? :) Tomorrow I'm going to Kuopio to my sister Hermina's place to stay! I don't know what I'm going to do there but let's see.. :D I'll try to remember my another camera since I must give this one to her! So so so ... I'll write to you later!




  1. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. Bas mi je super ova majica..sretno na poslu zelim da budes sve bolja i bolja :)

  3. Hi beautiful!!
    Love your blouse, is amazing :)