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1ST OF 2012

Helloo! How's the year 2012? How your new year passed and how does the first day of 2012 feel like? :) Hopefully not as lazy as mine since I woke up half past one and I was still feeling tired ... I probably wouldn't have waken up if somebody's phone hadn't rang :( But when I realised what's the time I couldn't stay in the ned anymore. Even though I was sure time was 9 o'clock before I checked it...

It's exciting to start this new year :D And it's exciting to write my first post of 2012... I never thought I'll get till here with this blog thing. I thought I'll do it for a month or two and stop the way I stop everything else. But looks like I'm getting more and more excited every second of writing my blog :) So you aren't getting rid of me just yet ;)

I don't have photos from my new year really :o But I did take couple photos before I left out so here they are :) Please tell me what do you think!

 My outfit was simple, and the most important, warm! It was a really cold night so clothes were really needed! For my luck my mama did some shopping for me :D She bought me this nice shirt from Gina Tricot and some nice black gloves also from Gina Tricot :)

 My mama also bought me this delicious cider, one passion fruit, chocolate bar and cookies. I'm not sure what happened to her but it was a positive surprise to get this all :D So thank you mama! But anyways.. I was also wearing my lovely bracelets that I bought from H&M last summer and blue polish by Kicks. I also had big blue earrings from KappAhl that you can't see on these photos but you may see them HERE (Third picture on "shopping" part of pictures and the middle earrings of the three)

 Here are some face photos that I took. And as you see in the last picture (under this text) I added some red lipstick before getting out. I've had this lipstick for a while but I've never used it... I don't know why :D I didn't like it when I got it but now I love it! What do you think? ;)




  1. Happy New Year! And you've got a lovely blog.

  2. your simple outfit works great! oh i'm glad that your blog has gone far. it's not easy to blog, i must say, but the advantages you get from it worth more :)



  3. Gorgeous! Love your glasses, they suit your face so well :)

    -LAURA xx

  4. Sretan nova :D nadam se da si se dobro provela :) imam slicne narukvice yeeiii i cider uh i MISS THAT

  5. cooooole kette :)

    schau doch mal bei mir vorbei, wenn du lust hast :)

  6. Lovely make-up. It looks great on you. It enhanced the real beauty you have.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  7. lovely photos, love the necklace...sretna nova godina!!!

  8. aaa oot ihana tolla huulipunal !

  9. happy new year and nice post :)