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Shall we do some blogging? Oh YES! It's Monday morning and I just came home from exam! It took me two hours to finish the History exam, but I say it went well! Or at least I think so... Let's see when I get the exam back haha.

Soon I go to school to have an Psychology lesson and then I come home to study psychology... (Tomorrow I have Ps exam so ..) I think there is nothing as interesting as Psychology. I realised that even during studying History I was thinking things the way I would if I were reading psychology. And what I mean with this is that I was analysing things that people have done in old times and how it has affected them psychologically. :D Even my mom realised that haha.

It's getting even colder outside and guess what, I'M SICK! That's not nice. My throat hurts which makes it hard to study. I of course read out loud and I also need my voice at work :D I can't sell anything through phone if I don't have voice haha. Well at least I won't go so much to work this week. I'll go next time in Wednesday because I want to study well. It's nice to have understanding boss who lets me work the way I want to :D But at least it's beautiful outside. Trees are all frozen and they are sooo pretty!

But since I'm sick I wear very normally (like I ever wear differently lol) and eat a lot! :) Today I ate home made Burek which doesn't look good at all but which tastes better than anything! Yummy! And I listen that song in replay that I posted ... Ex Yugoslavian rock is the best rock ever made I could say.. :D But that's only my opinion.





Now, let me introduce you to the WARM Finnish winter. I got a comment on my last post that -9 Degrees is too cold so here it comes ....

Today's weather:

And for everyone who is wondering am I in Mikkeli, Banja Luka or in Sarajevo, I'm definitely in the coldest place, MIKKELI, Finland! This is actually normal, or even warm, for January. But no worries, weather forecast promised -20 to -30 this winter :) So Finnish cold winter is saved!

I'm a bit worried of how I'll manage this winter but I've lived through those -40 degrees times so I guess -30 is manageable. I gotta thank myself (and H&M) for buying my sweet fur-hat! :) It has been my saver from the cold till now and it's gonna be a bigger saver when it comes to -30 Degrees... I promise you won't see me much outside when it gets that cold haha. I'll go where I absolutely HAVE TO, which means school and work, and rest of the time I'll spend inside under a soft and warm blanket with hot cup of chocolate and romantic movie ... Sounds good eh? ;)

My exam week started today though I didn't have an exam today. I had my dance practise from 10 till 11 and now I'm home eating and writing my blog :D Soon, at 12.30, I go back to school to have a lesson that will make me ready for Moday's History exam! So my weekend will consist of History, History and History! :)

After that lesson I must run to work and do some hours and earn some money. Hopefully today will pass better than last time.. Last time I sold 5 in 4 hours but there were over 100 people who didn't answer me haha. It was awfully boring to call without an answer! :D

Have a nice day everyone! I'll keep myself warm with my H&M coat and fur hat :) 
How are you going to keep yourself warm for the winter? 

 ps. I'm glad because, if you didn't know, winter time is awfully dark in Finland. We get sun only for 1-2 hours in the middle of the day and that time I'm always at school. So no sun for me.. But sicne we are going towards Summer days have got lighter. Today I woke up at 9 am and guess what, IT WAS SUNNY OUTSIDE! :) I was so happy haha!



Good start of the week everyone. It's Tuesday and I'm already tired. Monday was spent at school and then at work. I sold 6 magazines in 4 hours which is pretty good amount.. Today, Tuesday, I've spent my time at school and then at hairdresser's. My hairdresser made my hair how I wish to have it on 17th of February so that I could see how it looks like  (yes, again I speak of it but still I won't tell anything about it!). She showed me two types of curles so that I could choose one and after that two kind of braid so that I could choose which one I like more. 

I'm deadly tired nowadays. I hope this will get better because it's really eating me. I should go to schoolm go to work and manage it well and after that spend my evening studying.. Soon I should (or I should already) start driving school but honestly I have no idea when I will have time for it. And I miss excersizing and having my free time. If there are some other people who are in the same place where I am, please tell me how you manage! I hope I won't end up leaving my job, because that place is really nice. I love to work there, it makes me happy!

Maybe I just need to calm down and start using my time more effectively. There are many people who are even more busy than I am and they manage. So why wouldn't I manage with this? :D I just need to get used to some stresslevel (not to lack of sleep because I will never ever give up sleeping :D I love to sleep way too much and not sleeping enough would mean getting old pretty fast so no thanks!)

It's also been really cold these days and it seems that it's getting even colder. End of this week will be -15 till -20 degrees so help me God to survive. At least I have my fur hat and nice coats that I will need these days. But I must say that it's nice to see frozen trees that are under a big layer of snow. It looks so beautiful! That's why I took a picture from my balcony to show what I see when I look out of the window :)

Now to sleep. Good night dears! :)





I ADMIT! I've been a bad blogger and even a worse blog-follower.... I've been too busy to write anything and too busy to read blogs carefully :( Sorry..

Now I thought I could give a moment for my blog and then read the blogs I follow :D Because of the lack of the time I also have lack of pictures which means I need to write something that consists of old photos ... So here it is..


 Is there actually anything more important than your own family? You can always be sure that your own family will love you, no matter what, and they won't leave you because of couple bad choices in your life. They have raised you from the moment you were born and they will take care of you for the rest of your life. I guess nowadays people underestimate the "blood-bond" but we should never ever do that. Here you can see some photos I chose to show you of my family :) There you may see my mom and dad and me and my sisters. There are some old pictures and

 Family Denić! Cousins are also one of the most important ones. Here you may see my lovely cousins from my mama's side. You may see my sisters, me and my cousins Elma and Elvisa plus one further relative, Anela. Unfortunately I don't have picture of Elma's and Elvisa's lil brother Elvis. He is sweet but shy when the camera arrives..:D

 Jakupović family! Or well there are two photos where you may see my cousins from mom's sode but most of these people are relatives from my dad's side. The baby photo is my own personal favorite. There you may see Zlatan (cousin), Hermina (sister), Slađa (cousin), Elvira (sister) and me showing my big butt in the front :D Cute eh?

Cousins are probably the best. I don't see my cousins very often (mom's side more than dad's side) because most of them live very far away (in other countries mostly) but it doesnt matter. We might not see for years and not even talk through facebook really but when we meet we are like we have never been appart! And it's always sooo nice to see them and it's often so fun that you never forget the time you spent with your cousins.

 And then there are those that have just become part of the family like you may see my newest cousins Meliha and Elvir. They are both from my mom's side, one my uncle's and one my aunt's. And then there are those that have already left this family in this world but that will always stay in our memories like my Dido (granddad) and also my Nane Sheki (Grandma Sherifa). Dido is my mom's dad and nane is my dad's mom. Love them all! :)

Now I will go to sleep. I've had busy days and soon my exams start so I'll be even more busy... I've sold well at my work and earned pretty nice money that I'll spend in Sarajevo next month :)! Yeey! I've been really tired and I'm trying not to become a coffee drinker so I'm avoiding coffee even if I'm tired ... Nojoo but what am I talking? Laku noc - Good night!





Sarajevo HERE I COME! :) Just bought a ticket with daddy for 27th of February to go to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. I will be staying there for a week and I CAN'T WAIT! Home sweet home! :D Here are some old photos taken by the years of my visits in Sarajevo! (Remember that I'm not from Sarajevo, I'm from a small village called Kozarac and that will always be my home but Sarajevo is way too beautiful city and I love to visit that place :))

So a question for people who live/know Sarajevo:



Pictures are taken by my family's cameras and most of them taken by me and my sister Hermina.




Finally I got here! I'm having a 2 hour break from school so I decided that I need to come and make this post that I promised for Monday! I'm sorry that I didn't make this earlier :D I didn't have time since I've been running at school and work and schol and work ... But more about that in later posts. Now I'm going to make a cosmetic-post and not a life post haha.

Let's start with the probably most important thing we should use every day to keep our skin beautiful.

 First I have this Seaweed day cream from The Body Shop. It's definitely the most expensive cream I've ever used and definitely also the best cream I've ever used. I like the structure very much. It's enough watery so it's really easy to spread. It also dries on your skin really fast so it doesn't leave your skin greasy. I would say this is a perfect cream for summer and under your makeup. Your skin wont shine after using this one!

Next cream is Lumene that I was using for many years This cream wasn't suitable for my skintype but the structure was really nice. It was thicker cream but easy to spread. It takes a while to dry but not too long and it doesnt feel bad under make up. If your skin type is dry then I think this cream is good for you. Because of the thicker structure I would prefer using this during winter.

 Now to Gosh's product :) This cream works really nice with my skin type (combination skin) BUT ... this cream is way too thick! It's really awful to spread and it doesn't feel nice under make up ... So I'm not going to buy this cream ever again :D

And then I have Loreal eye cream that I like really much but don't have nothing to say about it :D And I just got my first Night cream from Lumene. I like this one :) My skin is usually reddish when I wake up but now it's not reddish at all! :) Plus it's just enough thick but not too much! :)

Then I have powders. Both from Lumene. This blue one is okay powder but I think it leaves sking looking dry and feeling dry. That's why I'm not using it a lot. White one is also more covering so I like it much more :) It also doesn't need so much correction during the day ..

 And here is one make up that I trust the most! I wouldn't be able to live without this! This is a make up stick from MaxFactor. The best make up I've ever found in my life. It covers every red spot on ur face making it still look natural! Yes it shines a bit but the shine is well controlled with a powder. And it doesn't fall off your face after couple hours and it's easy to carry with you thanks for it's small size :) If I run out of make up foundation I won't cry because this one works as well as those big bottles :D

 Mschic <3 Love this one but don't ave nothing to say really haha.

 Then to foundations ... This one is from Loreal and I picked a wrong color so I don't use it much. I usually mix it with a lighter color. The structor is really good and covering but the brush is really awful ... It's hard to use :/ .
 This small one is from Lumene. It's not covering at all so it's good for summer. Though it leavs your skin a bit shiny so that's why I don't like it a lot .. Easy to spread though and doesn't feel thick.

MaxFactor .. I like this one's structure but I'm still trying to find out do I love it or like it .. But it's okay foundation and covering enough but not too much. :D

 My Rimmels .. I'm not really big fan of Rimmel but I've always trusted their blushers. This eye shadow I took because I didn't find any other golden one and I must say that the color is a bit too "heavy"-looking.

Better eyeshadow is this IsaDora's eyeshadow. But as you may see I dropped it and everything got mixed so I don't use it anymore. My most favorite eyeshadow was Loreal's but I can't fidn that one from the stores anymore :(
 1st. Mschic 3D mascara which is the best mascara I've ever used. It makes your lashes really long even if they would be totally short as mine are. It doesnt drop off on your face with those stupid black spots and even if you would put 5 layers of this mascara it won't make your lashes cloddy! You can order it from internet from Mschic's page and I guess it normally costs around 18€ but Mschic has often sales when they sell these mascaras for 10€ :)

2nd. Loreal Volume Million mascara. It's a good mascara if you want some thickness and logness for your lashes. It's easy to use but it might make your lashes cloddy sometimes. Though it's better than the other mascaras that I've bought from stores. It costs I guess around 17€ and you find it in any makeup store so that is what makes it an easy choise.

3rd is Mschic's XRated mascara which is totally new in my hands. The brush in it is really thick so it's a bit hard to use and it makes (at least my lashes) easily cloddy. And that's not what I want at all. Though some people have said that this is their favorite mascara so the cloddyness might be part of my lashes then :DD

From the scale 4-10 (10 is the best) I would rate:

Mschic 3D : 10
Mschic Xrated: 7
Loreal Volume Million: 9

Here are the Mschic products that I own. There is my highlighter powder, eyeliner, lipstick and two mascaras. And I must say that I love them all! Mschic is definitely my favorite makeup brand! :)