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Hello :) It's Wednesday and guess what... MY HOLIDAYS STARTED! Though I have no idea what I'm going to do. I've watched Gossip Girl lately so guess that is my plan :D And I'm going to see my cousins during Christmas. So guess that is all :P Tomorrow I'll meet my best friend for couple hours I guess. She is now in Helsinki and they will drive through Mikkeli on their way home :) So that is nice. I miss her really much!

Though today I got a friend in my post :) Meet my friend Zack Zinc! He tried to pose nice but he just looks embarrassed and too thin... :D (and yes unfortunately I have my way to name everything that isn't alive and act like they are alive... So sorry if this sounds a bit weird for u haha)

Today I had this very simple outfit. I was wearing my veryveryvery old shirt that I found from my closet again. I bought it maybe 4-5 years ago and it's still wearable! Though there has been couple years of not using it at all and I almost sold it last summer though I'm happy I didnt.
I wasn't at school really today, I went only to the dance practise and it was really fun :) We learned the hardest dance of them all and danced it couple times! I liked it :)

Oh and my lovely dress for the 17th of February is on its way. It was still in China on Monday and now it's already in Germany :) So I'm expecting it to be here next week! I really wish to get it soon so that I can try it on and buy some other things for it too! And I can't rest before I have seen with my own eyes that the dress is just like I pictured it in my mind..

So that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it :) Good night everyone and have a nice holiday (if you have holidays now)! And for those who don't have holidays...... HAAHAA! :P




  1. Love that necklace <3 it's a necklace right? hahaha

  2. I ja volim gledati Gossip Girl ;)
    Kad se odmaram!

    U zadnje vrijeme mi tako godi obična pamučna majica i farmerke.
    Tak da mi se tvoj outfi baš sviđa.
    Kosa ti je prelijepa, i sva si slatka ko med!

  3. Love the ASOS purchase, so cute. As are you!
    MNG by MANGO giveaway