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Yo! Here I am making you hungry again :) Sorry mates ♥ . But as I told you in my last post (that you can see here) I went to eat with my friends in the evening. We were in a restaurant called Huviretki. I've been there couple times before and this time surprised me pretty negatively. 

We had reserved a table there for five people. Well we got into the restaurant and since they usually take you to the table that you've reserved, we got really surprised when the woman just showed with her finger and said "It's there up in the corner". Well that wasn't so big problem for me but it was weird. Second thing was waiting for the service. It took at least 30 mintues that we got service. It was so stupid to sit there and wait and wait and wait. Oh and we didn't even have enough chairs but I stole one from the side. It was a random chair since it wasn't even the same as the others in the restaurant. 

And that wasn't all. In that restaurant they always bring you bread while you are waiting for your food. And they forgot even that :D In the end they brought us bread after bringing our food... :D 

Another funny thing happened while ordering desserts. My friend Kiia couldn't decide what she should take. She was thinking between choclate cake and something else (can't remember what it was.) So of course a waitress should try to sell the menu but in stead she said "You should take the chocolate cake. That other thing tastes really bad!" Well that it good for the customer of course but for the restaurant it isn't so good.. :D 

And in the end we didn't even get byes :(  Though the food tasted delicious and so did the dessert :) In my food there was chicken with delicious redwine-sauce, potatos and vegetables :) It was YUMMY! And my dessert was a caramel icecream with chocolate sauce :) That chocolate sauce was delicious but way too sweet! So I didn't eat it much at all :D

Huh but it's late already. I'll go eat and then study some math. I'm having a math exam in Monday and I'm really hoping it will pass well! And next week I'll get my sceleton necklace that I ordered last week :) You can see it here! Happy weekend everyone!




  1. uf hrana super izgleda.. a ajd ne žali se,džaba im sva ljubaznost ako je hrana loša, to je meni puno gore :D a kod nas se manje-više u svim restoranima tako ponašaju.

  2. that looks really yummy!!

  3. Sver izgleda super, posebno desert, bitno da je bilo ukusno :)

  4. slažem se s eminom, kod nas je svugdje tako. :D
    ja bi sladoleeeed <3

  5. Looks super delicious!

    Such a lovely blog!

    Linda from

  6. Darling I made a spelling mistake of my blog, it's

    Love your style of the blog!


  7. Look so delicious!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!