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On the way to 2012

 Today we are going to spend lovely time with the people we love so that we can have them near us when 2012 starts. That's what I'm going to do also :) But now it's time to plan the future and make some New Year's promises that are going to come into effect on the 1st of January 2012 at 00:00 !

During 2012 I'm going to...

1. Give time to myself, my friends and my family. 2011 has been full of ups and downs especially with friendships so I promise to make 2012 better in this matter.

2. Get healthy by exercising more and eating better. My exercising habits have also had their ups and downs. Sometimes I exercise 7 times a week and then there are times when I don't do nothing for a month. And also my eating habits need some improvement. I'm usually eating food once or twice a day plus drinking cacao for breakfast (and sometimes for lunch).

3. Get a job. Because I'm going to be 18 soon and I still haven't got a job I thought getting a job is a MUST to do. Though I made an improvement by applying to those 3 places that I told you about earlier. So hopefully I'll get in and start getting some more money than I do now :) I'm not going to be lazy anymore! (yeah right..)

4. Read books. Since I haven't read many books this year, I'm planning to do it next year! I love books and I love reading them but it's hard for me to START it. I wish I could finish reading at least one book in Swedish which would help me with learning the language!

5. Blog a lot! I wish to improve my blog and make it more fun to read :) Which means I need to ...

6. Improve my shopping! Since I don't have a lot of money I can't shop so many things every month. I get what I get and I need to live with that :D So next year I'm going to shop more in the sales and less in no-sales... That means I could get more clothes with less money. And I'll take this back if I get the job and start earning money .. :D

7. Study more effectively! Next year will be very important for my future so I need to really pay attention to how I study and which grades I get so that means I must change my studying methods and start getting nice grades :P

8. Keep it tidy. To be honest my room is always a mess... I do keep it clean with vacuuming and so on but my things are never in place :D So this year I'll change and keep my room ALWAYS tidy! (riiiight...:D)

9. Be happy. Mostly I'll try to be happy. Of course there are times when everything seems bad and blabla but seriously you can usually do something about your sadness. It doesn't pay off to be sad about something that you can change. Though I admit, when you are sad about something it seems that it's not possible to be changed. That's why you need somebody to tell you what to do and somebody who will get you back on your feet!

10. Take care of my hair! 

 Happy New Year 2012 everyone! Take care of yourselves and your loved once. Smile to eachother's and give compliments! That works like magic :) Let's make this New Year easier for everyone!

And once again thank you all for this year 2011. Hope to have you next year also :) 



  1. Sretna nova godina i zelim ti da sve sto si odlucila i bude tako :)

  2. wow so many resolutions!! :D
    good luck! :)
    Happy new year! awesome blog btw

  3. Love your New Year goals!! Happy New Year dear!

  4. Great resolutions! Good luck with 2012! I also want a job next year. Hopefully we can both reach our goals!