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I've had an incredible Gossip Girl Thursday! I've watched 3 or 4 episodes in my bed with cup of hot chocolate! But no worries, gossips keep me full! I'm watching the 5th season now and it's INCREDIBLE! Its weird how everyone gets a new image on this season. I don't know have you people watched it yet so I don't want to put some big secrets here. I'm just going to tell you that Gossip girl remains as the best serie ever even after making 5 seasons! It's amazing I must say. And I'm just falling in love with every character, no matter the scheming ;)

But HALLO back to the real world... As if it could be as interesting as the series are :D But my day was interesting enough to make me happy. I woke up too early, when my best friend Yassu smsed me that se is coming with her mom and dad to Mikkeli to visit MEEEEEEE! <3 Well that wasn't enough to get me up before 9 am so I just conitnued sleeping and woke up when I realised i have two more smses waiting from her... :D

 They arrived here at 13 if I remember right. We went to this nice place, called Ramin konditoria, to eat with her parents. Although one mudcake wasn't enough to stop us from having a hysterical moment after seeing an unpleasant person... Well but life must go on and sadly so did she.... After two hours they left the city :( We didn't take any pictures (or we did with her camera but they ended up looking.. horrible) so these pictures are rather old. But ain't we cute?

Some more good news is that my dress arrived to Finland today :) I must call the post tomorrow to give the final address. I'm hoping to get it very very soon! Now I need to get the purse and the jewellery for the night and then I'll be ready. Oh my God I can't wait for 17th of February! Someone speed up the time!

I hope you have had a wonderful week by now and will enjoy your weekends :) It's Christmas soon so remember to be happy and smiley and nice to people around you. At this time of year you shouldn't try to copy Gossip Girl :D




  1. Gledam redovno Gossip i cekam da prodje praznicna pauza da pogledam novu epizodu :)
    Meni su prve 2 sezone nekako najbolje ali i dalje gledam sve redovno i uzivam :)

  2. Love love gossip girls too!!!

  3. Oh I loved all your pictures. They're so cute!

  4. Super su sličice! VOlim tu seriju, zbog svih onih predivnih komada odjeće koji tjeraju uzdah! :)

  5. I love GG too!!

    every season has somthing special!!

    stop by my blog if u get a second!