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I couldn't wait of doing this post later when I get all of the pictures soooo I'll just do part 1 now and part 2 will come later.. :D Yesterday I was having a veeery nice day with my girls :) My friend Kapu had a small birthday party at their cottage.

We started with some (easy) cooking and made ourselves some tortillas :) Do you like the tortillas as much as I do? ;)

 There she is, miss Kapu, with a big, scary knife :) It was really sick to cut vegetables with that big knives :D Though at least they were sharp enough!

 Kerttu and Eeva couldn't keep their hands off cheese!

 At last we ate! :) First tortillas, then the cake! (Cake pictures will hopefully come later. My camera wasn't good enough to take cake photos).

 Staring to the fireplace, then some chilling and letting the food melt in our big stomachs..

 Then burningthe calories with Wii! :D Damn that was fun! Here you see Susu (the blonde) and Ellu :)

 After eating, burning the calories and chilling, we started all singing! First Kapu and Miia sang to us some beautiful song and Miia's boyfriend came to play the guitar :) It was really nice. Being inside in warmth, listening to guitar and staring out to the darkness, knowing that it's cold there.

 Singing takes a lot of calories.. So candy was a good way of filling up our stomacs :) And well some Alias was also fun. It's a game where you get some words and you must explane them to your partner and she/he has to guess the word :) It's actually a fun game. I guess we have always played it with these girls :D


Doesn't it look pretty? Big lake (Saimaa) there. I so felt like going out and jumping there :D But it would've been way too cold for that!

 And here is my breakfast and the beautiful view..


  1. great blog :)
    beautiful pictures! <3

  2. omg adore this. so fun. i don't know what i love more, the pics or your friends house. looks so charming. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest trend report and enter my giveaway. xo

  3. oohh!adorable pictures!!
    so prettys=)
    kisses dear!!

  4. It looks after a successful night. :)

  5. predivne fotke :)

    moj blog

  6. i'm getting really hungry looking at your blog! :)