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Hello people :) it's nice Saturday with lots of snow on the grownd! I was planning to get a picture of my new coat today but I again didn't manage to do that! It got dark before I got my hands to camera :(

It's 13 days to Christmas. Even if I don't celebrate Christmas, I somehow like it :D I like all these decorations around the city and I like to make some gingerbreads and buy red things and enjoy the winter. This time all blogs are full with Giveaways. And I found a wonderful giveaway in Rita's blog DEAR ROSEMARY. I did of course apply to this giveaway because it rules! :D So you do too and maybe some of us will win :)

 As I told you, I love Christmas. I haven't always liked it. I was usually very negative about it because (as I said) I don't celebrate it with my family and all there is for me was too long vacation when no one does anything and friends are all with their families eating and having fun and I had to avoid pork everywhere I went :D I learned how to live with Christmas and nowadays I love it! :D

 Well what is more Christmas than gingerbread and Glögi! I don't know if there is glögi in other countries but here in Finland everyone drinks it (hot) in Christmas :) And well in Sweden also of course..

Ahahah and here I realised once again that I've made something sweet to eat :D I always do! And I have some more photos of sweet things to show you. Because we went today with family to eat ice cream that was totally organic! I didn't take my camera for that trip (and I regret it a lot) but my sister took photos with her phone so I'll try to get those pictures from her soon and post them to u! :D And then I must start concidering moving into a healthier diet... :P

ps. going to order this friend tomorrow!

Cute or cute?



  1. Ne slavim Bozic ali mi je taj period super, uzivam :) Bas kako sam neki dan pisala kod tebe uvijek neka super hrana..volim gingerbread!

  2. omg i love using cookie cutters!!! your gingerbreads look awesomeee!!! so is tht necklace!!! weird we find skeletons cute nowadays lol.

  3. cool!!!! I have to buy them... I want to make these wonderful cookies!!!!
    Eli ::: The Gummy Sweet

  4. sad sam gladna! Uvijek mi to napraviš!

  5. I want a christmas cookie, looks delicious! :)

  6. totally made ginger bread cookies this weekend with my sister. so yummy and fun. adore this post. thanks, love. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. if you get sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo

  7. Jaooo kako slatko ♡
    ja koristim ove kalupe za kolače - kad pravim nakit ;)

    i sviđa mi se kostur baš, baš! ;)

  8. jao divno je! :) obozavam ove kolacice!

  9. looks so yummy! we have the same shapes for cookies.
    can't wait to make my own christmas cookies!
    and the necklace is sooo cute!