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It's December! Finally :) And still no snow on the ground! Can somebody explain me what happened to normal Finnish winter? :D I did my last exam (History) today and I think it went well :) Though my exams didn't went quite as well as they should have..


 So today I let myself to go do some shopping! It was nice to buy something at last :) I can't even remember when I've last time gone shopping. And I really needed these things. Also having exam week really takes a lot of nerves and they can be fixed only with shopping!

First I bought these Gina Tricot jeans with 19.90€ :) Very cheap price and very goodlooking! Only problem was that I couldn't find the size 25 :( These look good but size 25 would've looked better! I have never had many jeans because I've been more of a leggings-girl. Nowadays I'm bored with leggings and I could just throw away all those leggings that I've bought over the years.. Now it's time for jeans :)

 I ran out of my old skin clearing toner so it was time to get a new one :) I used to had one from Oliv (Swedish brand) and, as you can see from its name, it was made of olive :) This time I wanted to try this Tea tree toner from The Body Shop. I already have one tea tree product and it works very well! These products have a nice though a bit different smell than usual products. Today evening I'll see how it feels to use it :)


 I admit that I've been pretty bad with outfit photos lately :D And I still continue on this path! Though here you can see one of my favorite comfortable shirts I own :) I don't use it often (probably because I always forget it to my closet..) but always when I do I just fall in love with it! It's very dark blue and bought from Gina Tricot (of course it is:D). Unfortunately my necklace is backwards o.o

SMILE ! :) I also met my friends Susu and Ellu today. We went to find a present for our friend Kapu. She is having her birthday party tomorrow. We bought her a big jewelcase that she was hoping to buy. Now she doesn't have to buy it haha!


Well I think we all love food and eating :) Yesterday we didn't have anything ready at home so I decided to do something (at last) on my own! It looks a bit weird (because it was weird) but I must admit it tasted delicious :)! There is some eggs and onion and a lot of spices. I also ate one piece of rye bread. I don't like white bread at all so rye bread is all I eat. That becomes a problem when I travel abroud: There you can't find rye bread and if you do it's totally stiff and tastes really bad :(

Now I got hungry again! So it's time to go to sleep :) Happy December everyone! Remember to make a lot of ginger breads and decorate your house for Christmas :) I hope to decorate as well and make ginger breads even though I don't celebrate Christmas .. :D



ps. soon I will do the Winter shop list even though there is no snow on the ground!:)


  1. lijepe traperice, i ja moram u potragu ;)

  2. Hlače super izgledaju.
    Još samo da ih vidimo na tebi ;)

    Tamne farmerke su uvijek potrebne.


  3. great pics.. I love all the products od "the body shop" :)
    have nice weekend!

  4. great blog! I'm a new follower =)