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I don't know about you but I must admit that I'm in love with all kind of vampire things :D First some normal Dracula things, then Twilight saga, Vampire Diaries and now True Blood! Dracula was all bad which made him so damn good! Twilight and Vampire Diaries are more like romance but True Blood is something in between. There is a lot of relationship drama but not the same way that Twilight and Vampire diaries have. So let's say I love the True Blood most! Have you watched any True blood?

I've watched 4 seasons allready. I started watching maybe one year ago and stopped when I had seen all 3 seasons. Then I had to take a break because there was nothing to watch anymore! But now there was finally whole season out for me and watched it in trans within 3 days! Crazy eh? That's all I can think about right now :D

There was also a Finnish Independence day on 6th of December and that's why we had some show that we went to see with our entire school. My girls were dancing there, without me! :( I should have been there with them but I canceled because of lack of time and exams. But anyways, go go girls and go go Finland!
That's all about it today. And oh God I promise to make better posts from now on! Actually I have couple ideas and Ill start taking pictures for those ideas starting from tomorrow! :) Now I'll try to find something else to do but watch some vampire drama! Maybe I should get a book?




  1. obozavam True Blood i sve sto ima veze sa vampirima! :)

  2. Nisam neki veliki fan vampira..twilight saga mi je ok :) kod tebe uvijek neka fina hrana u postovima :)

  3. Grumfy you are the best :) <3

  4. Im addicted to TVD but i honestly have never watched any of true blood :D but i guess im gonna give it a try after what u said :D

  5. katoin äsken ton true blodin neljännen tuotantokauden loppuu aah<3