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Hello darlings! How are you doing? My day has passed by too fast. I woke up too late, had a refreshing shower and went out at 2.30 pm. By the time I got home the day was already over. I've been just sitting on computer and sending some job applications to different places. Hopefully I'll get an interview at least! Getting a job would mean I'd get more money and I'd get much more clothes! And I could start travelling some more.. I'd love to get out of this little city time to time. My best friend lives like 300km away from me and I can't even visit her! And going to bigger cities in Finland, like Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and Tampere, would be just awesome!

But anyways here I have (probably) the last ginger bread photo this year before next Christmas and I'm also going to tell you more about our small cousin-night 25th of December.

Cute ginger breads, eh? My sister Hermina baked them and we all three (Me, Hermina and Elvira) decorated them afterwards :) We should have made house of these pieces but they are still laying there and waiting for some laziness to stop :D

And this was our christmas... Me cleaning my and my sister's shoes and my sister taking pictures of our cousin's weird socks :D Their dogs, Dolche and Lilli, were jumping on us from the time we came in till the second we got out. They are really cute but unfortunately I dont have any photos of them now :( We watched with Elma, Elvisa and Elvis, and their mom Olga, some movies from tv and ate a lot and talked a lot. There is nothing better but cousin-nights :) You can talk about EVERYTHING since the other person knows your whole history and you can trust them 100% . How lovely :) It's nice that even some of my relatives live close even though Elma already lives in another city but we will always find each other's on our visits to Mikkeli.

These first two pictures I took yesterday. My sister Elvira curled my hair with iron. I've always thought I can't curl it with iron because my hair quality sucks but now I finally don't have any excuses but I just need to practise curling! :D Let's just hope that my hair can take the iron without getting killed..

 And here is what I looked like today wearing my gina tricot shirt and the Sceleton Zack from

Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'm meeting first my friend Nypö and then my other friend who lives 300km away from me, Olzu :) Good night everybody!

ps. I'm sorry for my spelling mistakes, I'm really really tired! :D




  1. that cookies look so delicious <3
    hope you had had a great christmas with your family!

  2. prefino izgledaju!!

  3. Kolačići <3
    Lijepo ti je kad uvijes kosu.

  4. Kikat på våra smycken bland kategorierna än?
    Ta gärna en titt! :)

  5. ADORABLE blog! loving the energy and the grace that radiates from here!

    hopefully ud like my blog :)