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2011 is almost over. Tomorrow children go out with their parents to see the firework, youngsters go out with their friends to get so drunk that in stead of saying Happy New year they will say Happy birthday. And then there are people who are in love and they celebrate their New year with the person they love and kiss each others at 00.00 ... Tell me if I'm wrong but this is how it goes in my dear Finland :D

I collected some pictures over the year to show you. There are outfit photos but also some other things that came up this year. Though I noticed I didn't take much photos before my blog so my photos are mostly from March till today. Enjoy!

 These photos are from March till May. There are pictures of my birthday parties and my haircut day :) There is also a nice picture from my another birthday where my dad is smiling (like he always is) and my grandpa who died 6th of May.

 Summer was the hardest to do because there are SO MANY photos from summer and I wanted to post them all :( So this one is a bit messy but you can see the pictures just fine I think .. What should I tell about this one? Well there are some pictures of my visit to Joensuu to my bestfriend's home where I met my Yassu again and her turkish friend Ceysu. And then there are some simple outfit photos and some foods I like ;)

 These photos are taken during september and october. These are mostly outfit photos as you can see. Some of my favorites :)

And then there is November to December. Here are my favorit outfits that all seem sooo simple :D But I love them! There are also my favorite shoes I bought during this time and my dear cactus Ibrahim and his cousin Luitpold. Though Ibrahim and Luitpold photos are taken before November.. :D Don't let it bother u!

Thank you all for this passed year! I hope you all will have fun in new year and I hope 2012 will be much better than 2011! We deserve it! :)




  1. lijep post. bilo je zabavno uz tvoj blog u 2011. družit ćemo se i u idućoj ;)

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  4. tek sam otkrila tvoj blog i bas mi se svidja! posecivacu ga sigurno ubudice :)