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Hi guys! It's Tuesday now as many of you might know :D Yesterday was a tragical day in many ways. One of our teachers died during the weekend so whole school was crying. Today I went to write to his memory book that will be given to his family after couple weeks. I must say I'm glad I didn't know him so personally as many others did because I can be very emotional in these kind of things.

Another horrible thing was that there was some stabbin in the back among my friends which made me lose two of my very very good friends. It's very sad because I cared of both of them but I just can't overlook the things they've done.

But I guess I won't talk about the sad things anymore :D I'll start talking about something else! The thing is that I had a goal not to use all my money immediately when I get it and I've finally hit that goal! I still have some money on my bank account but no worries I'll use it soon! I need some new jeans and I want new shirts :P I've given up of finding a jacket I like but I still keep my hopes up for the perfect shoes that I've pictured in my mind! :)

I couldn't resist of taking pictures (again) of my hat :P I have my sister Elvira's shoes that she doesn't use and that I use because I don't have any shoes without heels that would fit to the Finnish winter! But these shoes are warm enough :) Though they are big for me but I don't care :D

Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with my chemistry book! :)

Good night everyone! Hope you had better week than I did.




  1. I'm sorry to hear those bad things happen, but I guess that's really part of life cycle (: Btw, love your hat & coat <3 <3


  2. You look so cute <3

  3. Soita mulle kun ehdit :) ok? Voisin minäki mutta jos iskän puhelin on siel ni siitä :)

  4. mistä huoneesta oot oikee ottanu nää kuvat ? :D

    t. yassu <3

  5. yassu, otin ne herkun ja evin huoneest :)

    herkku, no minäpä soitan vaikka heti!