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My days are very busy nowadays. But how are yours? :) I'll already say that I envy everybody who doesn't have exams right now :D Because I do! I've done 4 exams for now and have 3 (the hardest ones!) to go :) So wish me luck and excuse me, once again, for not updating my blog!

Say hello to my friend the Snake who just ate an apple and now looks weird! :o Isn't it cute? Well of course it is! But I ate it anyways :DD And shame on me: I'm all the time posting some good food here :D So get ready seeing me 10 kg heavier ;)

I've been planning to spend more time out during my next school period. We have five of them each year and this one was my hardest, next is probably the easiest I've ever had! :D We will start learing dances for that 17th of February which will be a lot of fun! :) And it will be extra fun when I finally get my dress! I sent email to the woman who took my order and she said my dress will be ready next week :) But let's see how long it takes for the dress to travel from China to Europe!

I'm worrying that it will be too short or that the color will be wrong or that the fabric will be awful .. I really don't have time nor money to send it back for them to fix it! So guess I just have to trust the woman who took my order :(

However here you can see my "new" coat. It is from ASOS and actually my sister Hermina's but she didn't like it so gave it to me :D What do you think about the coat? It's very warm and cozy and easy to use :) Sorry for the lightning. I can't get better in this time of the year. Even if it seems to be sunny outside, it was very dark :/

But back to the plans for next period. Appart from dancing, I'm going to spend more times with friends, sports and books! I really want to read couple of books but I never have time for them :/ Let's see if I'll have time during this next period. But don't worry I'll also remember my blog more often than I do now :)

Now this girl goes to study math, since she has math exam tomorrow. Have fun ladies and gentlemen! :)




  1. Sv: Okej :) Jag tyckte bara den var som vilken tvål som helst, var inget speciellt med den. Hade förväntat mig mer som sagt :)

  2. Kaputic je presladak..sretno sa ispitima :)

  3. Such a lovely outfit! (: Twitter

  4. Love your tunic and scarf, they look perfect together! And that pear...yum!

    I´ve just discovered your blog and I love it! I´m your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City

  5. delicious!!and love your coat dear!!

    kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

  6. totalno te razumijem i mene ubiše ispiti, nemam vremena ni zašto, sretno ti sa tvojima i super ti stoji kaputić a marama mi je predobra!

  7. love it :)


  8. love the scarf!

    <3 Alison

  9. Hi pretty! You look amazing, love your scarf!!
    the pear looks delicious! ;P

  10. I adore that jacket, super cute!! Good luck with the studying!