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"Neko tajno sluša Bijelo Dugme, pjesme ljubavne"

Good morning sunshines :) I was at school in the morning and now I'm spenging couple hours at home before going back there! I'm surprised of Finnish weather.. It's Novermber already and I wanted to make the "Winter shoplist" but it really doesn't feel like winter yet! It's 10 degrees outside and sun is shining. Some wise people said that there maybe won't be any snow this year. And I hope that is a lie :( I'm not a winter-lover, but I think snow is part of winter. Plus in Finland it's so damn dark everyday in winter and that's why white snow is a good contrast to the dark sky. Though I wouldn't mind if it wouldn't get colder than -10 degrees .. :D


 It wasn't cold outside, so I chose my Zara coat that is not too thick. I felt like putting on some short jacket but I think my short jacket's are way too much autumn! :D I don't feel comfotable to use them in NOVEMBER when it should be -10 and not +10 and there should be snow on the grown and not sun on the sky!

The scarf is from Glitter and it is actually my mama's :)  But she doesn't use it much so I decided to put some color on me by using that scarf :) Isn't it pretty? Also my small KappAhl blue earrings brought some color. Loving them!

And here you see how I look like without the jacket and the scarf :D My shirt is a decade old from Vero Moda. But I still use it! And I definitely still love that shirt even after so many years :) I had my black ring that my sister Hermina bought for me in Switzerland couple years ago. I love the ring so Hvala, Kiitos, Thank you Herkku!

Now I'm gonna read a bit and at 13 I must be back to school :) Have a nice day everybody!




  1. GinaTricot hlace ?? imamo iste ;) predobre su :D

  2. hahaha nema na cemu<3 :) Se sormus oli niin sun näkönen sillon hihi<3

  3. Krasna siii. :) Kaputić i šal su divni. <3

  4. you look very pretty! Love your scarf! :)

  5. oh your scarf is so pretty! love how its pop from your black jacket :) thanks for visiting me :)


  6. Esras muy sencilla y muy guapa .

  7. Wow those skinnys look amazing on you!

  8. so cute!!
    love your scarf!
    kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

  9. you are so cute and the photos too!!
    i love your scarf!!
    kiss !

  10. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  11. dear!follow you on google friend connect!!
    kisses pretty and have a nice day!!=)

  12. Onpas ihana kaulaliina !
    Muutenkin koko asu on onnistunut, tykkään kaikesta. Sun silmälasitkin on tosi kauniit, vaikka en oo varmaan koskaan sitä sanonut.


  13. Hey! You have a really cute face and look so much older than 17..maybe like 22 or something! :)

    I will reed yur blog in future...

    pozdravi ;) yeliz

  14. Great look! perfect jeans for you