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Hello and sorry for my late past last night :D I hope there weren't too many mistakes! So.. In the end Portugal won Bosnia and Hercegovina 6-2 and I was all depressed and sad! And that sadness followed me today. I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open at school! I came home for lunch because they were serving bad food at school and decided to put the end to the tiredness. I made some coffee that ended up tasting really bitter... So what did I learn from this: Never make coffee when you are busy.

 Next year, when I'm doing my last year of high school, we will have cruise that we call Abi-risteily. :) We need to reservate a boat and collect money and all that.. The problem was that no one else was thinking about this so I started the whole thing and gathered some people to get this thing started. Our first meeting was yesterday and guess what! We made the reservation already!

Today I was wearing my new cardigan again :) It's soooo comfortable and soso pretty! I love that silver color :) And I was also wearing my flea-market shirt that I've posted here couple times already :D I hope everyone sees the woman's face on that shirt now :P The colorful scarf (from Glitter) is my mama's but she doesn't wear it. I've realised that people really like it! Usually people don't come to me to say "Hey I love your scarf!" but since I've started using this one it happens all the time!

I'm sorry for my non-smiling face. As I said I was very tired :D I took a one hour nap after school and even that didn't stop me from yawning!

So don't be as stupid as I am but go to sleep in time :( I'm going to do the same now.

Laku noć - Good night - Öitä




  1. so pretty dear!!
    like it=)
    kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

  2. Awesome outfit I love your glasses by the way!

  3. cute post and blog :)))
    follow eachother?? :)))

  4. Love your tshirt and your scarf!!
    great look ;)