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Oh I miss summer! This video is taken in my little city Kozarac, Bosnia and Hercegovina in 2010. I was with my sisters and friends (Mirela, Dino and Luca the Super Mario) in Mrakovica which is a monument for all those people that died in Jugoslavia during the worldwar 2. It's made like a park nowadays and there are hotels and restaurants and then there is this big monument and some other stuff too :D I've been there twice now. It's like everyyear thing to go there!

But anyways that's all for today! Now I'm trying to watch The Unknown soldier-movie because I should read that book for school and I don't have time to read it (or nerves).

 Elvira, Elma, Elvisa, Me and Hermina. Cusines and sisters ;D (This is not the same trip that we made in that video but it's the same place!)

Today I was planning to go shopping. There are couple things I need to buy but I felt really sick in the morning so I jsut stayed home and drank cacao and orange juice and tried to eat healthy things and receave vitamins! And must admit right now I don't feel sick at all :D Let's see how it will be in the morning! I'll leave the shopping for Monday :)

Good nght people! 



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  3. That video is so cool! Love it! You had great time!! That monument is beautiful!