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The time is 00:37 and here I am writing my blog and watching football. Bosnia-Herzegovina is playing with Portugal and it looks like Portugal is winning ... :D It's 80th minute going and the game is 5-2 for Portugal :( But anyways I'm glad our boys have gone this far!

 So yeah this is supposed to be about clothes but as you see I'm too interested in football to talk about clothes.. :D But I'll do my best. I decided to use my new hat today. It was -3 degrees and it really felt cold. And I had to walk longer distances than normally so I really needed that hat!

I don't know if any of you have the problem of dry hands, but I know I do. No creme helps my hands and no gloves save them from getting cold. My hand's own heat system doesn't just work properly :D

I was also using that new cardigan I bought from H&M :) Isn't it cute? Shirt and jeans are from Gina Tricot and shoes are from Vagabond and they belong to my bigsis Hermina.

And now I'm going to wtach the last depressing minutes of the game (6-2 now) and then going to sleep! And I'm sorry for all the mistakes i did writing this because I'm very tired and i really can't concentrate on writing :D Good night everyone! Laku noc!




  1. So.... you like football! well, I don't hahaha, I don't even look the mundial games... I just know the results thanks to my family hahaha. I love your hat :) but I would like to have to wear it because of the -3°C, that is pretty pretty cold! I believe I would frozen hahaha. I am glad that in my country, that kind of weather is only present for about 3 months as much :)

    Kisses! Hope you are great!

  2. loving the hat!! looks so warm <3

  3. Aww, you look really cute, and the beanie is adorable!

    I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?

  4. You look very pretty ans very warm :D
    Love your swater ans love your fur hat! :)

  5. i love your cardigan and winter hat. :D so cute. <3

  6. kapica je super..i samo se utopli :D U Bosni se već tri dana samo o utakmici priča, danas su svi jako tužni.

  7. <3 lovely :)