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My late Sunday post is here so that you wouldn't feel like I'm leaving you! Nothing has happened in my life these days and outfit photos have been hard to take. I also don't have time to sit here writing my blog.. So I'm sorry. I promise it will get better after 2 weeks when my exams are done!

I did the thing that probably half of the world did and went to watch the first part of Breaking dawn. As you people may know I have read the book just recently so I pretty much remembered how everything went. And by that I must say the movie was made pretty well! It was the best movie of the Twilight saga movies and you could see that they have finally invested money on making these movies!

The cinema was full even if it was Sunday. Me and my friend Miittis (Miitta-Mari) got the places 97 and 96 and they were really good places to watch! I must admit I cried couple times during the movie but had also a lot of time to laugh! :D

 Miittis in black 'nd white ;) The lightning was so read that I couldn't leave the picture colored :D

My other friends during the movie were the things I bought in Punnitse ja Säästä which is an organic food shop that sells many kind of things like nuts, seeds, some chocolate, fruits, coffee... etc. All organic and all very cheap! I bought some chocolate raisins, dried strawberries and seeds of sunflower :) These seeds in question are said to be the best thing you can give your hair! I've tried to eat them a lot but must admit I haven't seen some big change in my hair :D But I keep on blaming my bad eating habits!

And here you may finally see what I looked like today. I was wearing comfortable outfit that was warm enough in -5 degrees. I had also a thick black jacket and my furry hat :) It's time to get used to this cold weather because it's already -20 degrees in Lapland which means it's going to come here in couple weeks :( But still no snow..

Now I'm going to sleep :) Tomorrow I'm going to study whole day after school (in school we do not study :D We just spend the day sleeping!) because my exams start in thursday :) So wish me luck! And forgive me for not commenting you blogs or comments I really haven't had time :(

Love, BincCi



  1. Jao i ja moroam sad krenuti sa ispitima i učenjem :(
    I također nemam vremena.

    Imamo dosta zajedničkog :D

  2. super su ti slike, marama ti je predobra!

    pratim te:)