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Yes Yes and Yes my blue afterafterparty dress is here! :) Finally! And you can see it on me 17th of February with pretty heels ;) If you can't remember which dress I ordered you can see it here.

Yesterday I was spending my time studying history but today I was spending a nice Friday! Our new shopping center Stella opened in 11/11/11 at 11.11! I got there at 15 though first with my mom, then with my friend Eve :) There wasn't nothing new really. Our H&M just moved there so now it's a bit bigger I guess. And then there is a giant Sokos which is nice because they have nice makeup stores and so on. All te usefull stuff. And well there is Carlings and Kekäle which has brands like Vila and Tommy Hilfiger etc. Though we had them already :D

But anyways that Stella is beautiful and it's nice to see the little city growing. It's really starting to look beautiful here :) When I couple years ago wanted to move from here as far as possible, now I think that there couldn't be better place to live and grow. :)

Now I'm gonna spend my night with watching Vampire Diaries. Bosnia and Hercegovina played football today with Portugal and I watched the game so Vampire Diaries had to move aside! :D The game ended 0-0 !

Happy weekend everybody :)




  1. Jedva čekam kad ću vidjeti haljinu na tebi. :) Uživaj u svom lijepom mjestašcu, kad bi se bar moje počelo razvijati, ovako sam primorana ići u Zagreb. :(

  2. i want to see your dress dear!!haha..
    kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)