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My days are very busy nowadays. But how are yours? :) I'll already say that I envy everybody who doesn't have exams right now :D Because I do! I've done 4 exams for now and have 3 (the hardest ones!) to go :) So wish me luck and excuse me, once again, for not updating my blog!

Say hello to my friend the Snake who just ate an apple and now looks weird! :o Isn't it cute? Well of course it is! But I ate it anyways :DD And shame on me: I'm all the time posting some good food here :D So get ready seeing me 10 kg heavier ;)

I've been planning to spend more time out during my next school period. We have five of them each year and this one was my hardest, next is probably the easiest I've ever had! :D We will start learing dances for that 17th of February which will be a lot of fun! :) And it will be extra fun when I finally get my dress! I sent email to the woman who took my order and she said my dress will be ready next week :) But let's see how long it takes for the dress to travel from China to Europe!

I'm worrying that it will be too short or that the color will be wrong or that the fabric will be awful .. I really don't have time nor money to send it back for them to fix it! So guess I just have to trust the woman who took my order :(

However here you can see my "new" coat. It is from ASOS and actually my sister Hermina's but she didn't like it so gave it to me :D What do you think about the coat? It's very warm and cozy and easy to use :) Sorry for the lightning. I can't get better in this time of the year. Even if it seems to be sunny outside, it was very dark :/

But back to the plans for next period. Appart from dancing, I'm going to spend more times with friends, sports and books! I really want to read couple of books but I never have time for them :/ Let's see if I'll have time during this next period. But don't worry I'll also remember my blog more often than I do now :)

Now this girl goes to study math, since she has math exam tomorrow. Have fun ladies and gentlemen! :)





Friday came again! :) And here I am spending my last minutes before going to sleep in my warm and soft bed! Oh damn I'm tired :D

My exam week has started okay. I had chemistry exam in Thursday and arts today. I'll be spending my weekend studying and trying to get clever, so wish me luck people!

But anyways now to the outfit! In Thursday I was wearing my cardigan from H&M, shirt from Gina Tricot and shorts by Mango. These shorts are probable my favorite shorts :) I just love them!

But today I felt this patriotic feeling when I was dressing up so I decided to pull out my old Bosnia and Herzegovina hoodie out of the closet. It was nicely warm though not comfortable under the jacket!

And these pictured made you jealous didn't they? ;) I went to the world's best confectionary. They sell all these delicious cakes and baguettes and flavored coffee and cacao and ...ah all you can dream of! And they are originally from my small town Mikkeli and they have stayed as a small company that doesn't sell outside of Mikkeli. :) So if you come to Finland, come to Mikkeli and visit Ramin konditoria! :D Oh I would be a good advertiser! :D

Now I'm off to sleep :) Good night everyone!





Hi guys! It's Tuesday now as many of you might know :D Yesterday was a tragical day in many ways. One of our teachers died during the weekend so whole school was crying. Today I went to write to his memory book that will be given to his family after couple weeks. I must say I'm glad I didn't know him so personally as many others did because I can be very emotional in these kind of things.

Another horrible thing was that there was some stabbin in the back among my friends which made me lose two of my very very good friends. It's very sad because I cared of both of them but I just can't overlook the things they've done.

But I guess I won't talk about the sad things anymore :D I'll start talking about something else! The thing is that I had a goal not to use all my money immediately when I get it and I've finally hit that goal! I still have some money on my bank account but no worries I'll use it soon! I need some new jeans and I want new shirts :P I've given up of finding a jacket I like but I still keep my hopes up for the perfect shoes that I've pictured in my mind! :)

I couldn't resist of taking pictures (again) of my hat :P I have my sister Elvira's shoes that she doesn't use and that I use because I don't have any shoes without heels that would fit to the Finnish winter! But these shoes are warm enough :) Though they are big for me but I don't care :D

Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with my chemistry book! :)

Good night everyone! Hope you had better week than I did.





My late Sunday post is here so that you wouldn't feel like I'm leaving you! Nothing has happened in my life these days and outfit photos have been hard to take. I also don't have time to sit here writing my blog.. So I'm sorry. I promise it will get better after 2 weeks when my exams are done!

I did the thing that probably half of the world did and went to watch the first part of Breaking dawn. As you people may know I have read the book just recently so I pretty much remembered how everything went. And by that I must say the movie was made pretty well! It was the best movie of the Twilight saga movies and you could see that they have finally invested money on making these movies!

The cinema was full even if it was Sunday. Me and my friend Miittis (Miitta-Mari) got the places 97 and 96 and they were really good places to watch! I must admit I cried couple times during the movie but had also a lot of time to laugh! :D

 Miittis in black 'nd white ;) The lightning was so read that I couldn't leave the picture colored :D

My other friends during the movie were the things I bought in Punnitse ja Säästä which is an organic food shop that sells many kind of things like nuts, seeds, some chocolate, fruits, coffee... etc. All organic and all very cheap! I bought some chocolate raisins, dried strawberries and seeds of sunflower :) These seeds in question are said to be the best thing you can give your hair! I've tried to eat them a lot but must admit I haven't seen some big change in my hair :D But I keep on blaming my bad eating habits!

And here you may finally see what I looked like today. I was wearing comfortable outfit that was warm enough in -5 degrees. I had also a thick black jacket and my furry hat :) It's time to get used to this cold weather because it's already -20 degrees in Lapland which means it's going to come here in couple weeks :( But still no snow..

Now I'm going to sleep :) Tomorrow I'm going to study whole day after school (in school we do not study :D We just spend the day sleeping!) because my exams start in thursday :) So wish me luck! And forgive me for not commenting you blogs or comments I really haven't had time :(

Love, BincCi




Hello and sorry for my late past last night :D I hope there weren't too many mistakes! So.. In the end Portugal won Bosnia and Hercegovina 6-2 and I was all depressed and sad! And that sadness followed me today. I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open at school! I came home for lunch because they were serving bad food at school and decided to put the end to the tiredness. I made some coffee that ended up tasting really bitter... So what did I learn from this: Never make coffee when you are busy.

 Next year, when I'm doing my last year of high school, we will have cruise that we call Abi-risteily. :) We need to reservate a boat and collect money and all that.. The problem was that no one else was thinking about this so I started the whole thing and gathered some people to get this thing started. Our first meeting was yesterday and guess what! We made the reservation already!

Today I was wearing my new cardigan again :) It's soooo comfortable and soso pretty! I love that silver color :) And I was also wearing my flea-market shirt that I've posted here couple times already :D I hope everyone sees the woman's face on that shirt now :P The colorful scarf (from Glitter) is my mama's but she doesn't wear it. I've realised that people really like it! Usually people don't come to me to say "Hey I love your scarf!" but since I've started using this one it happens all the time!

I'm sorry for my non-smiling face. As I said I was very tired :D I took a one hour nap after school and even that didn't stop me from yawning!

So don't be as stupid as I am but go to sleep in time :( I'm going to do the same now.

Laku noć - Good night - Öitä




The time is 00:37 and here I am writing my blog and watching football. Bosnia-Herzegovina is playing with Portugal and it looks like Portugal is winning ... :D It's 80th minute going and the game is 5-2 for Portugal :( But anyways I'm glad our boys have gone this far!

 So yeah this is supposed to be about clothes but as you see I'm too interested in football to talk about clothes.. :D But I'll do my best. I decided to use my new hat today. It was -3 degrees and it really felt cold. And I had to walk longer distances than normally so I really needed that hat!

I don't know if any of you have the problem of dry hands, but I know I do. No creme helps my hands and no gloves save them from getting cold. My hand's own heat system doesn't just work properly :D

I was also using that new cardigan I bought from H&M :) Isn't it cute? Shirt and jeans are from Gina Tricot and shoes are from Vagabond and they belong to my bigsis Hermina.

And now I'm going to wtach the last depressing minutes of the game (6-2 now) and then going to sleep! And I'm sorry for all the mistakes i did writing this because I'm very tired and i really can't concentrate on writing :D Good night everyone! Laku noc!





I'm here! :) How are you guys? I know I haven't been active blogger nowadays but I'm doing the best I can along with all schoolwork. Today I finally understood something in chemistry so I felt pretty proud of myself! :D

Yesterday was Father's day (at least in Finland) so we made some muffins for daddy :) He has soon his 50th birthday so we didn't give him a present this time :) He will get a big present for his birthday then! 

 Aren't the muffins delicious? :) 

After school I went to center to our new shopping center Stella. I realised the H&M is much bigger than it was before it moved to that shopping center and much bigger than I realised during my first visit.

  So yes I bought a hat from H&M with 14,95€ :) Like it? It's all furry and cute and big and all!

 And I bought a cute cardigan :) I don't have a better picture of it but yes it's made in Bangladesh! :D I really needed a new cardigan because I've sold all of them in flea market last summer and I was left with only two! This one is cute silver colored and not too long :) I have one long cardigan from Gina Tricot and it is very warm but the length is very hard to deal with because even my coats aren't that long :/ So this was a good purchase. Also the good thing (and also a surprising fact) was the price that was really low even for H&M. 9,95€ for cardigan... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that!

 Unfortunately my hat looks green in this photo :D But no it's not greenish at all! I needed a new gold eyeshadow and I wen't trhough all the normal priced make up brands and even the expensive ones and didn't find anything! Then I changed the make up shop and walked pass Rimmel. And there I found a cheap and perfect gold eyeshadow! And it costed only 6,90€ (if I remember right... 6 point something it was :D).

From KICKS, where I tried to find the perfect eyeshadow but couldnt, I bought a blue nailpolish. I wanted to try out these new polishes from Kicks. And well yes I like the color but it was very hard to spread evenly. Also it took a long time to dry :/ But I won't be unhappy about this purchase since it costed only 3,60€ :D

Now I go study some chemistry and while I'm becoming clever you can let me know what you think of the things I bought :P





Oh I miss summer! This video is taken in my little city Kozarac, Bosnia and Hercegovina in 2010. I was with my sisters and friends (Mirela, Dino and Luca the Super Mario) in Mrakovica which is a monument for all those people that died in Jugoslavia during the worldwar 2. It's made like a park nowadays and there are hotels and restaurants and then there is this big monument and some other stuff too :D I've been there twice now. It's like everyyear thing to go there!

But anyways that's all for today! Now I'm trying to watch The Unknown soldier-movie because I should read that book for school and I don't have time to read it (or nerves).

 Elvira, Elma, Elvisa, Me and Hermina. Cusines and sisters ;D (This is not the same trip that we made in that video but it's the same place!)

Today I was planning to go shopping. There are couple things I need to buy but I felt really sick in the morning so I jsut stayed home and drank cacao and orange juice and tried to eat healthy things and receave vitamins! And must admit right now I don't feel sick at all :D Let's see how it will be in the morning! I'll leave the shopping for Monday :)

Good nght people! 



Yes Yes and Yes my blue afterafterparty dress is here! :) Finally! And you can see it on me 17th of February with pretty heels ;) If you can't remember which dress I ordered you can see it here.

Yesterday I was spending my time studying history but today I was spending a nice Friday! Our new shopping center Stella opened in 11/11/11 at 11.11! I got there at 15 though first with my mom, then with my friend Eve :) There wasn't nothing new really. Our H&M just moved there so now it's a bit bigger I guess. And then there is a giant Sokos which is nice because they have nice makeup stores and so on. All te usefull stuff. And well there is Carlings and Kekäle which has brands like Vila and Tommy Hilfiger etc. Though we had them already :D

But anyways that Stella is beautiful and it's nice to see the little city growing. It's really starting to look beautiful here :) When I couple years ago wanted to move from here as far as possible, now I think that there couldn't be better place to live and grow. :)

Now I'm gonna spend my night with watching Vampire Diaries. Bosnia and Hercegovina played football today with Portugal and I watched the game so Vampire Diaries had to move aside! :D The game ended 0-0 !

Happy weekend everybody :)





Hello! :) I just went shopping and wanted to find a hat! I saw one week ago in KappAhl but I didn't find it anymore :/ So I had to look for another and ended up finding pretty one from H&M that didn't cost more than 12,95:) And I realised I have a big head because I took the size L/58 and still wanted to find a bigger one (there wasn't bigger ones :( )

 Like it? :)

And couple days ago (I guess it was Monday) I bought new lipbalsam from The Body Shop. It costed 7,50€ and smells delicious! :)

Now I go back to school! :) Enjoy your days!





Hey! :) How are you all? I'm sorry for not posting much lately. I've been doing schoolwork since exams are coming closer and closer and I'm way behind with every subject! I'll try to post more in the weekends and so :) Also I have a problem with lightning. Probably you all know that wintertime is very dark time in Finland. When I go to school it looks like it's night outside and same when I come back home! :(

Anyways.. Soon I go out with a friend so I'll be fast now. I've tried to take outfit photos even if I havent posted them. But because of the yellow lights almost all of them became bad :( So enjoy if you can! :P


 Here is my Gina tricot outfit :D Everything from Gina tricot! 


 This outfit I liked :) Those leggings are probably only leggings that I can still wear without feeling ugly and 2010! :D Last year I was wearing ONLY leggings and nowadays I don't feel good in them. I don't even like them much anymore :/ I have manymanymany leggings and I'm planning to sell them! I'll keep only these on the photo and 1 other ones :)


Today our classphotos were taken at school. So I put on my favorite jeans (only jeans I use..) and my favorite shirt with that cute jewellery! :) You will be able to see my classphoto and my single-photo later when I get them and scan them and everything :D Hopefully they will end up good!

I'm out now! :) Have a nice day everyone!